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The Rise of Healthcare Consumerism – The increasing amount of consumer choice in our personal healthcare decisions has become too obvious to ignore. In just the past few years, people have begun to seek health and wellness care in a pro-choice retail setting. Now we’re free to search and shop for services based on the lowest cost, the best value, and the highest level of convenience. Healthcare consumerism is the given name for taking an entrepreneurial approach to patient empowerment.

An Advantageous Trend for Any Lab Test Now – The rise of healthcare consumerism has boosted the fortunes of small businesses opportunities like Any Lab Test Now, who operate independently from the larger providers. Our business model is designed to meet the needs of the health-conscious consumer, allowing them to walk right in, get a retail lab test completed within 15 minutes, and get results in as little as 24 hours. It’s discreet, fast, convenient, and free from insurance co-pay hassles. For a deeper dive into this growing phenomenon, find our Any Lab article, “Healthcare Consumerism and Why It’s Important to the Franchise Owners Bottom Line” and more information here.

Now is your chance to own the nation’s #1 lab testing franchise. Successful consumer-facing brands thrive when you empower your customers with a solid value proposition. Any Lab Test Now has that potential:


Any Lab Test Now empowers the consumer, allowing them to make healthcare decisions that fit their own budget, lifestyle and healthcare choices.

Value Proposition

We didn’t become the nation’s premier lab testing franchise without a solid value proposition for our consumers. The business model of Any Lab Test Now focuses squarely on the customer experience. Our retail-based locations offer affordable, up-front pricing, a speedy 15 minutes or less appointment, and results delivered in 24-48 hours for most test results.

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A lab testing franchise that combines empowerment and multiple value propositions for the customer is a winning combination. As Any Lab Test Now CEO Clarissa Bradstock explains how our business model allows customers to take control of their health.

A Skyrocketing Industry

The boom in retail-based healthcare is driven by the demand for customer choice, control, and convenience. This infographic explains why the retail healthcare market, estimated at $99M annually, is expected to triple by the year 2022*:

Why Is Retail Health Care Booming?

Retail health care

Consumer-driven delivery of products, services and information, like lab testing, that could prevent, manage or improve health issues.


Expected market size
for direct-to-consumer
lab testing by 2030

Valued at $2.23B in 2021

2022 Precedence
Research Information

Where consumers shop for health care

Direct Access Lab Testing – Physician's order provided, the consumer is in control

Urgent Care – Need immediate attention, but no need for ER visit

Therapeutic Care – Physical therapy, massage therapy

Why do consumers want direct access lab testing?


Saves Money

Rapid Results

Consumer Empowerment

icon of test tubes

How does direct access lab testing play in the market?

People are living longer More high deductible insurance patients More informed public

The leader in direct access lab testing – ANY LAB TEST NOW

  • First direct access lab testing company in nation
  • Fastest growing lab testing franchise in industry
  • Thousands of tests accessible to all patients


Locations coast to coast and growing

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