Thank you for considering ANY LAB TEST NOW® as your next career and investment opportunity.  We want to ensure that our core values and culture, brand, business model, requirements and expectations are a good fit between you and our franchise.  It is important for you to do the same.  Below are the steps in what we call the Discovery Process, where we learn about each other and the franchise opportunity.  Each step will help you make a more informed decision to join our organization if a franchise is awarded to you.

Step 1:  Get To Know You

The first step is all about you.  We want to understand your interest in our franchise, the type of business that is ideal for you, the role you envision, if you are financially prepared for investing in our franchise and your short and long-term goals.  We also want to determine if the area you are interested in putting a store is available.  This step includes a short application process and a conversation with one of our franchise development team members.

Step 2:  Get To Know Us

The next step is for you to learn more about our business.  You will be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).  We will review our approach to retail, direct access testing; our sales verticals; training and support; marketing; and operations.  We will also discuss expectations and timelines as you continue through the discovery process.

Step 3:  Disclosure

You will receive a copy of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), as required by the Federal Trade Commission.  This document contains detailed information that you need to thoroughly review to make a more informed decision.  You will acknowledge receipt of the FDD, and must be in possession of the FDD a minimum of fourteen (14) days before closing on a franchise.  In addition to receiving the FDD, you will participate in a call with our Franchise Development Director to review and answer all of your questions regarding the document.

Step 4:  Executive Interview

We will schedule time for you to talk with one of our executive team members.  This is a mutual conversation that generally lasts an hour.  Come prepared with questions, and expect an interview to further assess and qualify you as a franchise candidate.

Step 5:  Talk To Our Franchise Owners

Our franchisees are the people who know and live the day-to-day business of operating an Any Lab Test Now® store location.  We will introduce you to franchise owners who can share their experiences at all levels.



Step 6: Background Check

You will be asked to complete a background check form.  In light of what we do and the people we serve, background checks are required before an invitation is extended for Discovery Day.

Step 7: Discovery Day

Discovery Day is a big step for candidates.  This means you are passionately interested in pursuing an Any Lab Test Now® franchise, and have met our pre-qualification requirements.  You will be invited to our corporate office in Alpharetta, GA to meet with our executive and onboarding team, tour our office and call center, go more in-depth into our franchise model, our culture, resources and support, training and lab tests and services.  This is an interactive day, where we will be asking thoughtful questions and encourage you to be prepared and do the same.

Step 8: Mutual Consideration

It is now time to make the big decision.  After Discovery Day, our executive team will decide whether or not to award you a franchise.  If an award is presented, you will advise us if you accept, and celebrations may then be in order!

Step 9: Award Process

We will send you a Franchise Agreement for review and execution.  You must hold the Franchise Agreement for a minimum of seven (7) days prior to closing.  Our franchise development team will work with you on the process of creating your LLC, scheduling a formal closing date, and closing instructions.  Once the Franchise Agreement is signed, you will be immediately introduced to our Training and Implementation Director during a kick-off call, and the onboarding process will begin!