Healthcare Consumerism is the Burgeoning
Trend Our Franchise Was Built to Address

The Opportunity to Take Control of Your Healthcare Choices
The increasing amount of consumer choice in our personal healthcare decisions has become too obvious to ignore. In just the past few years, people have begun to seek health and wellness care in a pro-choice marketplace environment where we’re free to search and shop services based on the lowest cost, the best value, and the highest level of convenience. Healthcare consumerism is the given name for taking an entrepreneurial approach to patient empowerment.

The Way It Was

Need a clear-cut example of healthcare consumerism at work? Under the previous, more traditional healthcare model, a patient needing a lab test to monitor a condition such as diabetes would make a doctor’s appointment with their primary care physician. Health insurance, assuming the patient had coverage, dictated the co-pay amount for the office visit—in most cases requiring a reimbursement after paying full cost upfront. Lab work done in an office setting can also expose patients to comprehensive insurance regulations—in which samples or specimens may be tested for more than just blood sugar levels, thereby risking the possibility of a rate increase. This was typically followed by a follow up invoice open to medical billing errors, rife with inaccuracy and unnecessary charges. This process was not convenient, not private, not cost efficient, and certainly not the best value for a patient consumer.



A Boon for Independent Businesses

The rise of healthcare consumerism has boosted the awareness of small businesses that operate independently from the larger providers. Many common services like lab testing can now be accessed through retail storefront operations like Any Lab Test Now. With a business model designed to address the health-conscious consumer, our franchise opportunity offers an antidote to the previous hassles. The same consumer needing to monitor their diabetes could now walk right in, order a retail-based lab test and have the sample collected, all within 15 minutes and get their results in 24 – 72 hours. It’s discreet, fast, convenient, and free from exorbitant insurance co-pays.


Get the Facts

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