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See if Your COVID-19 Vaccine is Working

A new lab test shows if your COVID-19 vaccine is doing its job. Anyone who is vaccinated can take the test two weeks after their final dose. For Any Lab... More »
May 24, 2021


The COVID-19 Vaccine & Antibodies

Nearly 3 million Americans are getting vaccinated everyday. There is a test that can help you determine if the vaccine is creating the necessary antibodies against the virus. Learn more... More »
May 13, 2021


Test Your Shot - Check if Your COVID-19 Vaccine is Working

Any Lab Test Now – Raleigh, NC offers a variety of lab testing options. Available tests range from Drug Testing to DNA Testing. They are now adding a test that... More »
April 27, 2021


Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Helping You Build Up Immunity?

If you are completely vaccinated, but still wondering if the vaccination is helping your body build up immunity, there is a new test for that at Any Lab Test Now... More »
April 27, 2021


Do You Have Antibodies?

There is a way to test if your vaccination is working. Some Any Lab Test Now® locations are offering the COVID-19 Vaccine-Generated Antibody Test. Many people are coming into the... More »
April 27, 2021


Checking for Antibodies After the COVID Vaccine

Are you wondering if you have antibodies after getting vaccinated? Select Any Lab Test Now® locations offer the COVID-19 Vaccine-Generated Antibody Test that can help answer your question. Find out... More »
April 23, 2021

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