Our Ideal Candidates for Franchise Ownership

First things first–interest in owning and operating an Any Lab Test Now franchise does not require a medical or healthcare background. Our owners are community leaders with a sales growth mindset. Some managerial experience is preferable, but the most common traits among our owners are ambition and strong interpersonal communication skills that keep you engaged with corporate and your peer group–the other Any Lab Test Now franchise owners in our system. For further specifics, see the two sections below.

Best Qualities for Franchise Ownership

The ideal qualities for Any Lab Test Now franchise ownership include candidates who represent the brand’s core values: Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Empowerment, and Being Proactive. Questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I a proactive leader with a sales growth mindset?
  • Am I a good neighbor who’s involved in my community?
  • Do I enjoy working hard to earn success?
  • Am I passionate about the health and wellness industry?

Required Qualifications for Franchise Ownership

As with all franchise opportunities, Any Lab Test Now candidates must meet a financial capability threshold to enter the discovery process. The precise amounts are explained below. To be awarded a franchise, candidates must also pass a background check and operate as the full-time owner/operator with the first unit location.

Financial Requirements (minimum – single unit location)

  • Liquid Capital: $90,000
  • Net Worth: $300,000


If you’re a match for the qualities, qualifications, and requirements listed above, we invite you to begin a conversation with us to explore franchise ownership with Any Lab Test Now.

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