How We Became a Leading Retail Franchise

The concept of Any Lab Test Now’s direct access lab testing was founded back in 1992, and began operating as a franchise business opportunity in 2007. Decades of improvements and refinements have created the superior business model we offer franchisees today. Much like the services we offer, it’s proven to be simple, direct, and comprehensive.

Who We Serve

Any Lab Test Now operates as a storefront and is open to the public. Here’s a cross-section of B2C and B2B customers and why they choose our retail franchise:


  • Consumers who prefer to manage their own healthcare choices, seeking affordability, convenience, and quick results.
  • Consumers with a high insurance deductible, or a policy that doesn’t cover lab tests.
  • Consumers who prefer to use Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs).
  • Consumers who prefer a discreet option for sensitive lab tests such as STD, DNA, or teen drug screening.


  • Physicians who order lab tests for patients.
  • Employers, Staffing Agencies and HR Departments who require drug tests before hiring.
  • Legal Firms, especially those who practice Family Law.
  • Technical colleges who offer allied health programs.

The Any Lab Test Now Advantage

Our retail franchise business model provides franchisees with built-in advantages. Any Lab Test Now partners with a nationwide network of leading laboratories to provide your customers with fast and accurate results. Additionally:

  • Our menu of lab testing options is diverse, covering demographics in both B2C and B2B.
  • Unmatched training and support from the Any Lab Test Now Operations Team.
  • For continuous support, franchisees are assigned their own Franchise Business Coach.
  • Targeted marketing programs and access to our Client Care and Support Center.
  • Minimal supply and inventory costs, due to volume-base ordering.

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