Family Business Thrives on Service in the Grand Canyon State

Does working for a parent sound like the ticket to success, or a punishment? Any Lab Test Now’s mother and daughter duo in Arizona prove working together to run two retail lab testing locations is a great way to achieve financial success, career satisfaction and family harmony.


Jeri Frandsen started her career with Any Lab Test Now, one of the fastest-growing healthcare franchises in the nation, when she opened her first location in Scottsdale, Arizona, in 2008 with several partners. Following the successful launch of the first unit, the group opened a second storefront in Glendale, Arizona, in 2010. Record sales enabled Frandsen to buy her partners out and add her daughter, Angela Garrett, to her team.

Bringing her daughter onboard was a family tradition and a practical choice. Frandsen began her own career as a real estate broker at her father’s firm. More than 60 percent of businesses are family-owned, according to Family Enterprises USA, a family business advocate in Washington, D.C. In fact, 78 percent of new jobs in the United States are created from family-owned firms, and family businesses have higher employee retention rates than their counterparts.

“Angie started working for me as an intern. Today she is my business partner and manager of the Scottsdale location,” Frandsen said. “She is motivated. I know she is here for the long term.”

Garrett knew she wanted a career in the medical field from a young age. When she was planning her career path, Garrett discussed her options with her mother. Frandsen promised Garrett a position with Any Lab Test Now if she completed her phlebotomy license. “I grew up with my mom and grandpa working together. Working with my mom was a natural fit,” Garrett added.

Frandsen worked at her father’s real estate business for a number of years before taking a job at an occupational health clinic. Working at the clinic sparked her passion for medicine and fueled her knowledge of lab testing. Searching for warmer temperatures, Frandsen and her parents moved to Arizona, and Frandsen returned to real estate until the economy tanked in 2008. Knowing she was at a crossroads, Frandsen decided to give entrepreneurship a chance. “I always wanted to own my own business. There are high margins in lab testing, and I was familiar with the concept from my time working as a manager at the medical clinic,” Frandsen said.

New Location Fuels Sales, Cuts Costs

Despite recording high sales at the Scottsdale storefront, Frandsen decided to move the location of her business to lower her monthly rent bill. The old storefront was in a strip mall, anchored by a grocery store. The new location is in a quieter shopping plaza across the street, where it is easier for her customers to park, and rent is low. “Our new location saves approximately $2,500 in rent each month. It’s easier for our customers to find and easier to access. The first month at the new location, we had record sales,” Frandsen said.

The mother and daughter are ramping up their presence on social media to help boost sales. Consistent posting on Facebook and LinkedIn is helping generate results. Garrett said they recently started collecting email addresses from customers and plan to distribute an email newsletter to drive repeat business.

Sparkling Service Drives Repeat Business

 Excelling in customer service generates repeat business and high ratings from satisfied customers. Both of the pair’s units focus on customer satisfaction. They pride themselves on being knowledgeable about all of the tests they offer. They make sure to answer every phone call and provide customers with a clean, professional atmosphere. “Our customers want answers fast. Giving them the opportunity to come in and order their own lab work without a doctor’s prescription is a good thing,” Garrett said. “We treat our customers like family.”

Recently, a young mother came in for lab tests to help understand why her child was suffering from nausea, digestive issues and irritability. Frandsen and Garrett recommended a Food Sensitivity and Intolerance Test. To soothe the grouchy baby, the mother was feeding it comfort foods, like almond milk, blue Gatorade and French fries. Results from the test revealed the child was intolerant to almonds, blue dye and potatoes. The mother made changes to the child’s comfort foods and saw immediate improvements, Frandsen said.

Reliable Staff Fosters Work-Life Balance

 One perk of entrepreneurship Garrett did not anticipate was flexibility. Garrett has two children, ages 2 and 10. She is able to coordinate her schedule with her coworker to make sure they can attend school functions and cover sick days. Offering work-life balance is important for employee retention and training. Frandsen makes new staff wait nearly a month before they answer phones to ensure they are able to answer customer questions professionally. To limit turnover, Frandsen strives to keep her employees motivated and pay a competitive wage. “Our products and services are so vast, there’s a huge learning curve for a new employee,” Frandsen said. “Hiring long-term employees helps make our business successful.”

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