Texas Grandmother and Businesswoman Revolutionizes Healthcare in College Towns

Kelli Hammack’s hard work, dedication and persistence has enabled her Any Lab Test Now location in Lubbock, Texas, to reshape healthcare in the college town and generate record-breaking sales.

Hammack started her career at Any Lab Test Now, one of the fastest growing healthcare franchises in the nation, as Manager in 2011.  Initially, she worked as the store’s sole employee Monday thru Saturday.  Although the long hours and heavy workload took a toll on Hammack, she jumped at the chance to buy the franchise when the unit’s owner opted to sell in 2015. “I loved my work at Any Lab Test Now, even though I was there from the time the store opened to when it closed every day. I thrive on that kind of work — that’s just how I roll,” Hammack said. “Owning my own store was terrifying, but I love dealing with people and helping people, so I went for it.”

Successful Marketing Drives Business

Working as a manager at the Lubbock location for four years gave her the skills and expertise to keep the business afloat, but Hammack is not a person to accept the status quo. She wanted her store to maintain its existing clientele and generate new business. “To grow my customer base, I hit the pavement,” Hammack said.

Unhappy with television advertising, Hammack implemented a marketing campaign with sweet treats as the star. She took small bags of candy with her card attached to area businesses. She visited doctor’s offices, car dealerships, lawyers and local restaurants, among other places. Shortly after hitting the pavement, Hammack’s business tripled. “My marketing approach offers no stress, no pressure. I’m not the type of person who gets in people’s faces,” Hammack said. “If you want to sit in the office and let people come to you, that’s fine, but if you want to make a successful business, you have to put yourself out there.”

Contrary to popular belief, it is common for doctor’s offices, when they learn about Hammack’s business, to send cash-pay patients to Any Lab Test Now for blood work. “You’d be surprised how many doctors will send cash-pay patients. If a doctor cares about their cash-pay patients, they tell them about our services because their regular labs can’t offer tests at our low prices.”

Hammack also took advantage of the unit’s location in a college town. She was able to make a key contact in Texas Tech University’s athletic department, resulting in the school sending all of its athletes to her location for required sports medical tests, like sickle-cell anemia. College students respond to Any Lab Test Now’s business model because it offers easy, no appointment required testing without a doctor’s prescription. “STD testing is an essential offering in any college town,” Hammack said. “College students value privacy and affordable pricing. If necessary, they can take their results to a doctor.”

Hiring Strategy Ensures Employee Satisfaction

 Working from open to close was in Hammack’s wheelhouse, but she knew she would be unable to open future locations if she didn’t find a workable hiring solution. To find reliable employees, Hammack relies on an internship strategy started by the former owner of her location. Hammack’s storefront offers five-week internships to local students who attend Vista College. Rules for the interns are strict, and they require supervision. But, when each student’s five-week tenure ends, Hammack can be certain she’s offering a capable and reliable person a job. “I don’t hire from the street. I train the interns myself for five weeks. If I like them, I’ll hire them on the spot when their internship ends,” Hammack said.

Growth Mindset Fuels Success

 Having a reliable hiring strategy allowed Hammack and her co-owner and husband, Scott Hammack, to aim for expansion. Recognizing the value of a location in a college town, the pair made the decision to add a new location in the home of Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. Their College Station unit is slated to open in March 2020. Hammack and her husband also purchased the Kingwood, Texas, territory for expansion. Hammack’s reliable staff enabled the pair to relocate to 11 acres in Buna, Texas. “I’m nine hours from Lubbock, three hours from College Station and three hours from Kingwood,” Hammack said. “Having confidence in my staff has allowed me to live on the farm I never knew I wanted.”

Family Fuels Growth

Having help from her husband propelled Hammack’s daughter to join the Any Lab Test Now staff. Hammack’s daughter, Amber Lawson, is currently training at the Lubbock store and will work full time at the new College Station unit when it opens. To give her daughter the opportunity to build a solid career at Any Lab Test Now required Hammack to take over full-time care of her two grandchildren, ages 5 and 7. Many grandmothers might balk at the responsibility, but Hammack thrives in the busy atmosphere. “I’m the busiest I’ve ever been my entire life,” Hammack said. “I’m taking care of my grandchildren and my husband while managing the business. But I can work from home and I love it.”

Combining Franchising and Farming to Maintain Balance

Hammack lives on her farm in Buna with her husband and granddaughters. When she is not making calls to manage her Any Lab Test Now business, Hammack is outside running her farm. The busy family’s farm boasts 26 chickens, 14 rabbits, three dogs and an impressive garden. “We garden and tinker and love it,” Hammack said. “I’m originally from New York and when my husband moved me down here, I didn’t think it was for me. But I love it.”

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