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Thanks to a surge in the sales of pregnancy tests, couples could soon be asking an important question. Who’s the father? An estimated 300,000 paternity tests are performed in the United States every year. Thanks to improved testing and technology, men and women no longer need to leave the paternity of a child in question. DNA tests provide simplified answers to the fatherhood question.

Check out the facts:

  • Three percent of all fathers in the U.S. have no idea that a child they believe is their own is not their biological child. 
  • About one in three men who take a paternity test will discover they are not the biological father.
  • DNA tests, like those offered at Any Lab Test Now®, are 99.999 percent accurate.

Legally Admissible DNA Paternity Test

There are two kinds of paternity tests. The first is the legal forensic test, ordered by courts for child support and custody cases. One reason a court might order a DNA test is to rule out paternity fraud. This is when a woman intentionally leads a man into thinking that he is the father of her child, when in fact, she knows that he is not. Any Lab Test Now offers a Legally Admissible DNA Paternity Test. This test is required when a person attempts to seek or deny child support, child custody, or visitation; seek medical, social security. Or even receive military benefits; add or remove a name from the child’s birth certificate and/or voluntary acknowledgment of paternity, immigration, and adoption.

Informational Paternity

The second type of paternity testing is considered informational and cannot be used for a legal purpose. The Informational Paternity Test is discretionary and used for peace of mind. 


How Paternity Testing Works

The process is very simple and easy. For a Legally-Admissible Paternity Test, the father and child must come to the testing site in person. An Any Lab Test Now technician collects skin cells from the child and the alleged father from the inside of the mouth using a soft swab. The DNA of the potential father is analyzed to determine the probability that his genetic markers are found in the child. Test results are available in an average of three to five business days after specimens are collected from all tested parties.

For an Informational Paternity Test, participants have the option of in-person sampling or a home collection kit that can either be picked up at the lab location or purchased online. Once the kit arrives at your home, you can collect the samples yourself and ship them back to Any Lab Test Now for testing. 

Did You Know?

If the alleged father is deceased, Any Lab Test Now may still be able to help determine paternity. It will depend on the type of sample available or members of the alleged father’s bloodline who are willing to participate. This avenue is a blood sample that may have been collected by a medical examiner if an autopsy was performed. If no such samples are available, a specimen from a family member close to the alleged father, such as a biological brother, would also work.

Any Lab Test Now even offers an option for grandparents to help determine paternity with its Grandparentage test. This test is an indirect way to determine a family relationship and is very useful when an alleged father is unavailable or unwilling to participate in a paternity test.

Check out our FAQ page for answers to many frequently asked paternity questions.

DNA Testing is Easy 

Don’t let questions of genetic relationships remain unanswered. With Any Lab Test Now, you can rest easy knowing you’ve taken the proper paternity test for your needs. Your confidential results will be shared with you in a timely manner. 

Any Lab Test Now provides you with a safe and clean alternative location for lab work, including paternity testing. Each of our 190+ stores is sanitized several times a day, in accordance with the CDC’s protocols. Book an appointment online, or walk into an Any Lab Test Now location near you to find the answers to your paternity questions and ensure your child has a healthy future.