Grandparentage Informational (Non-Legal)

A Grandpaternity DNA Test, also called a Grandparentage Test, compares the DNA from a child to his or her biological mother, as well as at least one biological paternal grandparent.  Since the alleged father inherited 1/2 of his DNA from his mother (grandmother) and 1/2 of his DNA from his father (grandfather), it is always preferable to include both biological grandparents in this type of DNA family relationship test.

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Test Details

This test will reflect the probability of relationship.  A “0” means there is no biological relationship.

If the grandparentage index is greater than 1.00, this indicates that the tested individuals are more likely to be the true biological relatives.  The higher the value of the index, the greater the likelihood that the individuals are true biological relatives.

If the grandparentage index is less than 1.00, this indicates likelihood of non-relatedness.

**Note:  If both biological grandparents and the child’s mother are not included in the DNA Grandpaternity Test, the test results may not always be conclusive.

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Is a doctor's order required?
No. You do not need to provide a doctor's order to get lab testing done at Any Lab Test Now.
When will I get my test results?
Test results generally take between 3 to 7 business days after all specimens of participating parties are collected.
Do I need to make an appointment?
No. You can walk in for same day testing. We make it easy for you by offering work-friendly hours.
If I have questions about my tests results who should I contact?
We recommend you share your results with your physician.