How To Achieve Health as A Young Adult

Jada Manigault | July 2, 2024

Transitions in life are never easy. Take, for example, the newfound responsibilities that come with entering young adulthood. Often this means for the first time in life, you, as a young adult are on your own, navigating new territory — learning to manage how to take care of yourself. This transformation often occurs in the late teens and early 20s and can be an eye-opening experience, especially when it concerns health.

The National Institutes of Health says young adulthood is the ideal time to learn and practice preventive health. While it’s perceived that young people enjoy good health, this is a time in your life when serious long-term illnesses or disorders can be averted through knowledge and wellness practices. Many chronic issues, such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and certain types of cancer, have their roots in early adulthood. It’s during this time that you can establish routines and behaviors related to physical activity, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and preventive care. Prioritizing health now, sets the foundation for a healthier future.

The Importance of Screenings

As a young person, you are still undergoing physical development and growth, making it crucial to support your bodies’ needs. Proper nutrition, regular exercise, and sufficient sleep contribute to healthy growth, muscle development, bone density, and hormonal balance. This stage of life lays the groundwork for optimal physical health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases later in life.

Any Lab Test Now® is your partner in health throughout all seasons. We understand that for you to be engaged in wellness practices providing optimal health, now and long term, means getting routine screenings to maximize health, provide baselines, and detect early signs of untreated illness. Plus, at this age, risk-taking is common, which is behavior that impacts lifelong health.

Overall Look at Your Health

Helping to serve these needs, our lab testing centers offer the ANNUAL CHECK-UP PANEL, which is a routine but effective lab test that monitors health, establishes a baseline, and provides knowledge of your wellness. This panel consists of five tests that provide a snapshot of information about your blood counts, kidney function, liver function, electrolytes, cholesterol, triglycerides, hemoglobin A1c, and thyroid function.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Young adulthood is a period of significant lifestyle changes, such as entering the workforce, pursuing higher education, or starting independent living. Prioritizing mental health is essential during this time, as you face various stressors and challenges. In a recent Kaiser Family Foundation/CNN survey, 34% of American adults under age 30 rate their mental health as fair or poor, with many saying it prohibits their ability to enjoy a quality of life. That’s why this is an ideal time in your life to be cognizant of good health practices both physically and mentally. Regular exercise and a balanced diet play a role in promoting mental well-being, reducing stress, and enhancing resilience to cope with life’s demands. Good nutritional health supports a strong immune system, which is crucial for young adults.

Our BASIC NUTRITIONAL PANEL includes a variety of tests that can help you determine if you are getting enough nutrition. This panel can also help rule out adrenal gland disorders and malnutrition. It can also reveal anemia, signs of infection, or other factors that may cause fatigue; a CMP, which analyzes electrolytes, sugar, proteins, and enzymes, including sodium, potassium, calcium, glucose, and liver/kidney function tests; and an iron and total iron-binding capacity test (TIBC) — which measures the amount of iron in your blood.

Providing Answers When You Need Them

We also understand that this may be the first time you’re on your own, making choices that can affect your health. Behaviors like smoking, illicit drug use, excessive alcohol consumption, and sexual activity can have a substantial impact on current and long-term health outcomes. Problems associated with disease transmission through sexual contact has reached epidemic proportion in the United States, according to the CDC. Cases of the sexually transmitted infections (STDs) chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis all increased between 2020 and 2021 — reaching a total of more than 2.5 million reported cases throughout the U.S.

Any Lab Test Now® is a judgment-free zone. We are here to provide answers when you need them. Our STD PANEL, COMPREHENSIVE, tests for infections that can be spread from one person to another through sexual contact. It is possible to have an STD and not realize it. Symptoms of STDs can vary — some people might experience significant symptoms, and others may have none. Even if people do not feel any symptoms, they can still spread STDs. This is why STD testing is so important. Early detection can lead to proper treatments.

We Can Help You Achieve Health & Save Money In The Process

You may be leaving the nest and are budgeting for the first time, or perhaps it’s the debut of your own healthcare plan. For insurance with a high deductible or insufficient coverage, we are the solution to help save you money. Any Lab Test Now provides:

  • Transparent pricing: We have thousands of competitively priced lab tests that can be paid for with cash and all major credit cards. The screenings we provide could possibly cost three times more through your health insurance.
  • Instant access: Schedule a test or walk right in at one of our 230+ locations, there’s no appointment necessary and we provide the doctor’s orders. Most tests take less than 15 minutes, and many results are ready within 24-72 hours.
  • Use your HSA or FSA: We also accept most health savings account or flexible spending account credit or debit cards associated with a major credit card.
  • Choice: You own your test results and can choose what to do with them. While we encourage you share them with your provider, our job is to provide you with answers, empowering you with the ability to choose. You also have the option to discuss information through our partnership with DialCare. This allows you to consult with a provider about your results. The clarity you receive from a medical professional can affect the way you handle your health.

Any Lab Test Now® is Your Partner in Health

It’s important for you to understand the value of your health and make informed choices that support your well-being. By taking proactive steps to maintain your health during this pivotal stage of life, you can lay the groundwork for a healthier future and maximize your potential in all aspects of life. We are here as a resource to obtain answers with tangible results. Call now to schedule an appointment at a location near you.