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ANY LAB TEST NOW® is an alternative lab testing provider for those who are conscious about the cost of their lab tests due to high deductible insurance or their health savings accounts, as well as those who have no insurance. We fill the hole of being able to provide lab tests that you, as their physician, may want to order but which are no longer covered by insurance in compliance with the Affordable Care Act. Affordability is the key to follow-through by the customer. Customers have a safe, reliable source with us, and we offer accredited and/or certified laboratory testing partners. We can assist you in the diagnostic process as we offer thousands of lab tests that will fit into customers’ healthcare budget.

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Employer Solutions

How are you managing your drug free workplace program? You need a simple solution to manage your pre-employment drug testing, random testing program, reasonable suspicion, post-incident and back-to-work drug and alcohol testing. It is easier for you, your business, your candidates, and your employees if that one resource can also help you with heavy metals and other occupational exposure testing services, as well as background screens and even employee wellness programs. ANY LAB TEST NOW® is your solution.

Employer Testing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Drug and Alcohol Testing: Pre-employment, Random Screening, Post-Accident, Suspicion
  • DOT Testing
  • Background Screening
  • Nicotine/Cotinine Testing
  • Heavy Metal Testing
  • COVID19 Testing (Rapid Antigen, RT-PCR, Antibody)

Specimen Testing options: 

Urine, Hair, Nails, Saliva, and Breath (Not available at all locations.)

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Your case requires indisputable evidence. That’s why your firm should rely on ANY LAB TEST NOW® as your single-source community provider of DNA testing, drug and alcohol testing, and forensic lab testing services. ANY LAB TEST NOW® provides a wide array of high-quality lab testing services. One provider means one less headache – we take care of your clients’ testing questions, collect the specimens, and perform the tests, and get you the test results quickly. It’s easy to depend on ANY LAB TEST NOW®. Our medical assistants are certified specimen collectors, and our laboratory partners are accredited and/or certified by the agencies you know and trust. We can offer lab testing for a wide variety of legal needs including Family and Criminal law, Personal Injury/Toxic Tort, Private Investigators, and Legal Investigators.

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ANY LAB TEST NOW® provides a wide variety of lab testing services to intermediate and high schools, as well as higher education schools for nursing, phlebotomy, medical assistants, pharmacy, dental, and paramedical. We offer specific lab tests needed by healthcare students, school faculty, healthcare and veterinary professionals, and medical sales and device representatives. In addition, student safety and parent participation are both critical to a well-rounded school experience. ANY LAB TEST NOW® bridges the gap with its Trust, But Verify Program and drug and alcohol testing services.

Testing services include, but are not limited to:

  • Titers (Including but not limited to MMR, Varicella, Rabies)
  • Hepatitis A, B and/or C
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Nicotine testing
  • Sickle Cell Screen for athletes

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