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It’s not as if parents and their teenage children don’t already have enough to worry about! Now parents must be extra vigilant about teen use of e-cigarettes, which are sometimes referred to as “vaping” or “JUULing.” The names may be different, but the results are unfortunately usually all the same: electronic nicotine delivery.

The Teen Trend

These products are basically battery-powered devices that can deliver nicotine (usually found in flavored liquids) which then turns into a vapor to be inhaled by the user. With liquids flavored to taste like bubble gum, fruit, or other candies it’s no surprise that young people are more susceptible.

On top of that, most youth mistakenly believe the products are just harmless, flavored water vapor. Actually, most of them do contain nicotine, and in fact, some of them contain more nicotine than you would find in a cigarette! It doesn’t help the situation that some of these devices are so small you might mistake them for a flash drive.

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The Warning Call

The FDA says the use of e-cigarette products by teens has reached epidemic proportions. The U.S. Surgeon General repeated the warning, urging parents and teachers to educate themselves and talk with young people about the dangers. Any Lab Test Now wants to help parents as they battle this new health threat.

Testing — Anonymous and Confidential

Any Lab Test Now offers parents a variety of testing options that can detect the use of nicotine whether by use of traditional cigarettes or vaping. You won’t need to see a doctor first and perhaps most importantly — your child can remain anonymous. With Any Lab Test Now, no one has access to the test results but YOU — the parents. You own the results. You can even use an anonymous name to protect the identity of your child if you wish.

When it comes to choosing which test will work best for you — timing is everything:

  • Urine Test – This is a good choice if a parent suspects their child has recently used nicotine. The specimen will be screened and confirmed with results available in 48 to 72 hours.
  • Hair Follicle Test – This is a good option for parents who think their child has been either vaping or smoking nicotine for a long period of time. It only takes seven days for nicotine to start showing in the strands of your hair. If you think your child might stop using in an effort to pass the test, then this is the one to take. That’s because the Hair Follicle Test can determine if someone has used nicotine as far back as three months.
  • Blood Test – This simple blood draw test can detect traces of nicotine just hours after use.

If you’re unsure about which test is best for your situation, just talk with the experts at your local Any Lab Test Now. They’ll go over your options with you and offer you some suggestions on your best course of action.

No Nicotine is Safe

Remember, no amount of nicotine is safe. Researchers say that even being around people who are vaping and breathing in the “vape clouds” exhaled by others can expose youths to nicotine and other harmful chemicals. Talk with your children early, educate yourself, and know that Any Lab Test Now is here to be your parent partner.