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Is Your Body Resistant to Weight Loss?

Every January, many of us make a resolution to make a change in our lives. One of the promises that we make to ourselves is to lose weight. But following through on that resolution can get derailed if you don’t see results. How many times have you cut carbs and turned down dessert only to see the scale move in the wrong direction? While certainly discouraging, it may be a sign your body is resistant to weight loss. There are several blood tests that can help you determine the reasons behind your battle of the bulge.

Determine Your Vitamin D Levels

Did you know there is a correlation between your weight and vitamin D? Studies show a vitamin D deficiency is one of the causes of common obesity.

Vitamin D is considered the “sunshine vitamin” since sunlight is the main source. During the winter months, most of us are indoors, and the sunny source of our vitamin D is not as available. When you are deficient in this vitamin, our bodies think it is winter and start to pack on the pounds — almost like a bear getting ready to hibernate for the winter! Proper vitamin D levels can help the body counter this storage of excess body fat and help some people lose weight.

You can easily find out your vitamin D levels with a blood test like the one offered at Any Lab Test Now. Results come back within 24–72 hours, after which you can discuss with your doctor to determine what dose of supplements are needed to help shed the extra pounds.

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Check Your Cortisol

Times of tension are also a trigger of weight gain. When we are under stress, our bodies release a hormone called cortisol. This hormone increases our food cravings, leading us to overeat. It can also cause us to store more body fat. Most of the time, our bodies will go back to normal. However, if you are under constant stress, you’ll find yourself on an unwanted trip on the weight gain train.

Aside from removing the cause of your stress (which is not always easy to do), there are a few things you can do to calm your cortisol — such as exercising, getting enough sleep, and meditating.

First, you must determine if stress is causing you to shop for stretchy pants. Any Lab Test Now has two different types of tests to measure your cortisol, including a simple saliva test. No fasting is required, and like all our tests, no appointment is necessary.

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Learn Your Liver Level

Another test from Any Lab Test Now that could get to the root of your struggles with weight is a complete liver panel. Your liver plays a part in processing dietary fat by producing a substance called bile, which is stored in your gallbladder and enters your bloodstream during food digestion, where it breaks fat down into molecules that are small enough to pass through the lining of your intestinal wall.

Poor liver function will allow fat and toxins to build up, and metabolism will slow down, leading to an accumulation of fat around the belly.

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Total Thyroid Testing

Thyroid function is connected to our metabolism and weight. It is well known that hypothyroidism, or an under-active thyroid, can cause a slow metabolism, lead to weight gain and a higher body mass index. The Thyroid Federation International estimates there are up to 300 million people worldwide suffering from thyroid dysfunction, yet over half are presumed to be unaware of their condition.

Unfortunately, not enough primary care physicians don’t recognize hypothyroidism because they don’t order a complete thyroid blood panel like the one offered at Any Lab Test Now. You won’t need a doctor’s prescription to get this blood test (or any of our tests, for that matter). If your results show trouble with your thyroid, you can work with your physician on the steps to get it back under control and your weight, too.

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Be at Ease

Any Lab Test Now wants you to be at ease when it comes to seeking out any type of lab work, including finding out what might be behind the cause of your weight gain.

We provide you a safe and clean alternative location for lab work. Each of our 185+ stores are sanitized several times a day, in accordance with the CDC’s protocols. Any Lab Test Now is a committed partner in helping you manage your family’s healthcare so you can make educated decisions that will directly affect your quality of life. We want to put you at ease during the coronavirus outbreak. We are here to help.

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