Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that interacts with and regulates more than 200 genes in the body.  Your body absorbs Vitamin D from exposure to sunlight or ultraviolet light on exposed skin, and from plants, fortified foods and supplements.

129.00 USD
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129.00 USD
(Prices may vary by location)

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Low levels of Vitamin D are associated with a significant increased risk for coronary artery disease, peripheral arterial disease, stroke, diabetes mellitus, and many causes of mortality.

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Is a doctor's order required?
No. You do not need to provide a doctor's order to get lab testing done at Any Lab Test Now.
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Test results generally take between 24 to 72 business hours after your specimen is collected.
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No. You can walk in for same day testing. We make it easy for you by offering work-friendly hours.
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We recommend you share your results with your physician.