Know Your Origins

Are you especially curious about your family history? Do you find yourself eager to learn more about the origins of your family beyond faded photos and inspiring stories told by relatives? Want a key to the past, unlocking the dust-covered history and creating a deeper connection to your lineage? If so, the GPS Origins™ test offered at Any Lab Test Now locations is the perfect solution for all your ancestry questions.


GPS (Geographic Population Structure) Origins testing takes ancestral mapping to the next level, providing insightful information that dates back 1,000 years. The GPS Origins test provides precise information regarding your human migration pattern as well as your genetic origin percentages. Perhaps your gene pool is heavily populated in Basque country or southern France. Or you may discover significant ties to western Siberia or Fenno-Scandinavia.

The GPS Origins test shows particular geographic regions where your autosomal markers occur most frequently, shedding light on the migration routes of your ancestors. From Latvia to Denmark, and all the way to the tiny fishing village in Ireland, the GPS Origins test showcases the likely pattern your ancestors took over time.

The GPS Origins test is conducted with a quick and simple mouth swab of the inner cheek. By analyzing over 800,000 genetic markers in your DNA, the test is able to pinpoint your family origins, matching the populations that joined to create your genetic line. The test then traces the migration routes of your DNA, for both maternal and paternal lineages, painting a picture of your ancestors’ footsteps.

Your results are revealed in a convenient digital report that is easy to understand and great to share with the whole family. If you, like many others, are at all curious about your ancestral history, the GPS Origins test will help uncover your past. You may already have some written record of distant ancestors who originated from Scotland or France, but most family history prior to the late 1800s was not recorded in written form. The GPS Origins test offers deeper insight, revealing information that connects you to generations past.

Learning your own family history is a crucial element in understanding exactly who you are. It helps you shape your future, establishes a greater sense of identity, and invokes an appreciation for your cultural heritage. Confirm something you’ve always wondered or discover something you never knew. Want to know if your great-grandmother was right about distant Native American ancestors? The GPS Origins test helps answer these questions and more!

Deeper connection and understanding of your family and all its history, visit an Any Lab Test Now location to receive a GPS Origins test. It makes a great conversation piece and an even better gift.





Give the Gift of Family History with a DNA Test

Every holiday season, there’s always that one person who is nearly impossible to find a gift for. Instead of gifting a frivolous trinket, give the gift of family history. At Any Lab Test Now, you can have access to a variety of DNA tests that will give you and your loved one a deeper insight into your family tree.

Geographic Population Structure (GPS) Origins Test

The GPS Origins test is a very popular DNA test and a great gift for the holidays. Tracing back the family tree and learning more about your family’s history has become a popular pastime for many history buffs, and the GPS origins test is a great way to learn more about your roots.

The GPS Origins Test carefully analyzes over 800,000 autosomal markers from your DNA in order to pinpoint your family’s origins. From the results, you can learn more about your genetic origin percentages and history. You can also see how your DNA matches various populations that ultimately came together to form you.

Next, the GPS Origins Test traces your migration route back to where it originated and dates the age of your DNA signature on both your maternal and paternal sides. Your results will be delivered in an easy-to-understand, detailed report.

The test is simple, painless and can be collected from an oral sample. This holiday season, let the GPS Origins Test help bring light to you family’s history.

DNA Lineage Tests

Another insightful test is the DNA Lineage Test. There are a few variations when it comes to this specific test: Y-STR (Y Chromosome) DNA Lineage Test, Mitochondrial (MtDNA) DNA Lineage Test and Dual DNA Lineage Test for Men. Each variation analyzes a different aspect of the DNA.

The Y-STR (Y Chromosome) DNA Lineage test is only available to men, as it requires the analysis a Y chromosome, which is only found in males. This test looks into the paternal lineage by examining the DNA found in the Y chromosome. That information, passed down from father to child, remains relatively unchanged for generations. That data can provide unique insight into. what family members are related through a common paternal ancestor.

If you prefer to take a deep dive into the maternal lineage, the Mitochondrial (MtDNA) DNA Lineage Test may be the DNA test for you. This test delves into the mitochondria, which is passed down from mother to child and remains relatively unchanged through several generations. Through this test, you can find out which individuals are related to you through a common maternal ancestor

The final test DNA test option is the Dual DNA lineage Test for Men. This combines the Y-STR and MtDNA tests and provides a more comprehensive insight to both parental lineages. By analyzing both parents, you’ll get a more thorough understanding of which family members you share a maternal or paternal ancestor with.

To understand who you are today, many find it’s important to understand where they came from. For that history-loving, unmaterialistic friend or family member, consider giving the gift of their family tree. For more information on these DNA tests, visit

Wonder Where You Came From? Any Lab Test Now Can Help You Learn!

Knowing your family’s history is empowering and now Any Lab Test Now has an exciting test designed to give you an in-depth look into your family’s journey over time. The Geographic Population Structure (GPS) Origins™ Test is specifically designed to tell for your migration story. You’ll learn all about your ancestors and how you came to be. If you have a passion for history or just want to learn more about your origins, this is the test for you.

How does it work?

The GPS Origins Test determines your genetic origin by analyzing more than 800,000 autosomal markers found in your DNA. The test sorts through the autosomal markers and identifies when and where your DNA was formed through comparison of different populations’ genetic lines. After the comparison, the GPS Origins test traces the migration route of your specific DNA back to its birthplace and from there is able to date your genes. The GPS Origins Test does a thorough analysis of your DNA by taking history on both the maternal and paternal sides of your family into account. Your results will be presented in a detailed report that reveal your unique ancestral origins.

What makes the GPS Origins Test different from other DNA tests?

The GPS Origins test is unique in that it is often able to narrow your ancestors’ geographic location down to specific a specific town or village. Most DNA tests are only able to give you generalized results with very few specific details on your family’s history. The average genetic testing procedure offers sweeping results at the continental level, unable to provide even the country from which your ancestors originated.

What would I gain by taking the GPS Origins Test?

The GPS Origins test is so much more than just knowing where you started; it’s learning about your ancestors’ journeys over the past 1,000 years and how those relate to your personal history. It’s a thorough and comprehensive analysis of your genetic line that’s perfect for anyone interested in learning more about their genealogy.

Whether you’re seeking a unique gift for the history buff in your life, or you simply want to better understand your own roots, the GPS Origins Test can help. Unravel your history at Any Lab Test Now today!

Paternity Testing and You

Confusion over paternity can inspire huge interpersonal conflicts, and potentially be devastating for the people involved. Except in situations of surrogate motherhood, one can be relatively certain that a mother who gives birth to a child is that child’s actual genetic mother. But it can be a bit trickier for fathers, and this can lead to a lot of discord. Instead of allowing the issue to drag on, causing undue damage to family bonds, allow Any Lab Test Now to quickly resolve questions of paternity with our paternity testing.

Since society first acquired the technology to test for blood type in the early 1900s, it had many applications,  including paternity testing. This antiquated method could only exclude a potential father, and was unable to conclude that an individual was the father of a child. As technology became more advanced, additional characteristics of the blood began to be used to augment the effectiveness of a paternity test. But it was not until techniques for DNA sequencing and analysis were invented that people could determine paternity with 99.99% accuracy. Since then, the technology has only become more refined, and people are able to use it to determine familial relationships between generations from the smallest scraps of genetic material.

Today, most people use paternity tests when there is a question of parentage from one or both presumed parents. In court, paternity tests can be used to support claims of parental rights and requests for child support, as well as help to settle child custody cases. But many people are also using paternity tests to help them locate their birth parents after they’ve discovered that they were adopted earlier in life. Either way, a DNA sequencing and analysis test can give parents and children clarity, certainty and peace of mind.

Whether you need a court-admissible document, need testing for immigration purposes or you are simply curious about your lineage, Any Lab Test Now offers quick, walk-in DNA and paternity testing. With Any Lab Test Now, you can rest easy knowing you’ve taken the right paternity test for your needs, and that your confidential results will be shared with you in a timely manner. Don’t let questions of genetic relationships remain unanswered. Visit your local Any Lab Test Now to find out the truth!

Planning to Claim Your Child on Your Tax Return?

With tax season upon us, many fathers are beginning to file their tax returns and claim their child during the process. However, dads, did you know that if your name is not listed on your child’s birth certificate, you cannot legally claim your child as an exemption?

Finding out this information may be surprising, but by purchasing a Legally Admissible Paternity Test, you can use your test results with proper chain-of-custody as evidence to add your name to your child’s birth certificate. Then, you’ll be able to clear-up any confusion and file your taxes without any doubt of validity.

Any Lab Test Now® offers a Legally Admissible Paternity Test at an affordable cost with guaranteed quick results. Along with being able to add your name to your child’s birth certificate, your results will be able to serve as evidence in circumstances where you or the child’s mother wish to:

  • Seek social security or military benefits

  • Seek child custody

  • Adopt a child

  • Be in a position to inherit

To begin this process, contact your local Any Lab Test Now today. We’ll help you find the answers you need now.

Celebrate Your Siblings

Happy National Siblings Day! Siblings Day Foundation founder Claudia Evart was inspired to create a recognized day to celebrate and honor siblings after losing her own siblings early on in life. She chose April 10 specifically, as it is the birthday of her late sister.

Evart’s goal is to create a nationally known holiday, similar to Mother’s and Father’s day. Do something nice for your sibling today to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Because today is National Siblings Day, we’d like to remind you of our Siblingship DNA Test. If you want to know if siblings share one or both biological parents in common, a Siblingship DNA Test can determine the statistical probability of whether they are half or full siblings, or unrelated.

Measure Your Resolutions For An Even Happier New Year

ANY LAB TEST NOW® works hard to help you reach your goals. One of the ways we can do so, is by guiding you through which lab tests you can take to measure the results of your resolutions.

Kick off the new year with our recommended baseline tests to help you manage your New Year’s Resolutions.

The Basic Check-Up Panel tests include a complete blood count (CBC), chemistry panel, lipid panel, urinalysis, and TSH lab tests as well as a blood pressure check*. This is a great lab testing panel for evaluating your overall health and is commonly ordered by a physician during a routine or annual check up. This will help establish a measurable baseline for your health resolutions in the new year.

Is your resolution focused on better managing your diabetes?  Check your blood sugar levels with the Glucose (Serum) Blood Test or Hemoglobin A1c. These are pretty common lab tests and are helpful when establishing a baseline.

The C-Reactive Protein test, the VAP (Vertical Auto Profile) test and the PLAC test are also suggested to measure your standard heart health and to assess your resolutions. What about your cholesterol level?  Did those holiday goodies increase your numbers?  A Lipid Panel will let you know where your cholesterol level is now, and can be measured again in 3 to 6 months to reflect your hard work related to diet and exercise changes.

Check out other tests and use our test finder to search which ones will help you effectively meet your goals this new year!

*Not available at locations in the State of Florida

Get Tested & Spread the Word: World AIDS Month

As December brings the holiday hustle and bustle, all of us at ANY LAB TEST NOW® don’t want you to forget that it’s World AIDS Month.

A shocking number of over 1.1 million people in the U.S. are living with HIV. HIV and AIDS are closely related as AIDS is classified as the final stage of HIV.

December is set aside each year to bring awareness to what AIDS can cause and how to prevent it from spreading further. Getting a lab test is the only way to truly know if you or your partner have contracted the disease. It’s important for you to know what’s going on in your body for your sake and for the safety of others around you.

Get yourself familiar at to learn all you can about AIDS 101, prevention, what to know if you’re recently diagnosed and how to stay healthy once you have been diagnosed. Also, check out these lists of STD and HIV tests that we make available to you!

Raising Awareness for Health Centers During Health Center Week

Have you ever noticed that when you get sick you always feel the need to find out what’s wrong? Who wants to go another day with a tummy ache, a sore throat or the dreaded sinus headache and congestion? Believe it or not that’s one of the many benefits provided by health centers. You might start asking yourself… “But I don’t have insurance, so how can I get service?” The good news is you have options at your disposal that will empower you to Take Control of Your Health® whether you have high deductible insurance, a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account, or if you are uninsured.

A great example of available options is ANY LAB TEST NOW®. Though ANY LAB TEST NOW® does not treat or diagnose, it does empower its customers to be proactive about managing their health by providing direct access to blood tests, DNA tests, drug and alcohol testing as well as other lab testing services.  After you get your lab test results, you can quickly call a physician with our AmeriDoc telemedicine services program.  The doctor is just a phone call a way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can treat many non-emergent care issues by phone, video call, or chat.

According the National Association of Community Health Centers, there are around 44 million people in the U.S. that are currently uninsured with another 56 million with high deductible insurance. This often makes health take a back seat to cost, which stresses the importance of price transparency. Can you take more good news? ANY LAB TEST NOW®’s affordable, transparent prices fit into a person’s healthcare budget, providing a solution that continues to support overall health and wellness. Don’t let your health take a back seat, without it we are nothing.

During the week of August 11 – 17 the nation celebrates Health Center Week. Why not take the time during this week to stop by a health center near you, check in on your health and thank them for helping to empower you and your loved ones to Take Control of Your Health®?

To learn more about ANY LAB TEST NOW®’s lab testing options stop by an ANY LAB TEST NOW® near you or visit

Paternity Doubts?

Regardless of whether you are an alleged father, mother, child or grandparent, dealing with questionable paternity brings on a rollercoaster of emotions that have an impact on your everyday life. You may feel angry or disappointed. You may feel complete confusion, or even embarrassment. The last thing you want to feel is judged.

Feeling these types of emotions is normal, especially when your relationship with your child and even other family members, partners or friends, is in question.  Believe it or not, you are not alone. But, because you want the question to go away, the question running through your mind when you first make that step to know the truth is…“I just want to know.” You want the feelings and the cloud of doubt hanging over you to go away – NOW.  However before making the decision to get a paternity test done, it is important to step back and approach the situation with a clear mind.  What you do now may affect your, and most importantly, the child’s, future. The most important step to take before going through the test itself is to ask yourself, “Once I know…What am I ultimately going to do with the answer and test results?”.

The reason this step is so important is because there are two types of paternity tests. One type of DNA test is “informational”, also called a “peace of mind” DNA test or “self-collection kit.  Although the DNA testing process is the same as for a legally-admissible paternity test, described further below, there is no chain-of-custody or identification information.  As with kits purchased over-the-counter, there are also no guarantees on whose DNA is submitted if samples are not collected in front of each other.  This means the test results cannot be used for any other purpose than to let you know the answer to the paternity question.  That’s it – no names, no ID’s, nothing but a probability of paternity.

The most common type of paternity test is a Legally Admissible DNA Test. Remember that there are many factors that can change yours and the child’s lives after you have the test results that go beyond just knowing an answer.  Will you or did you complete the Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity at the time of the child’s birth?  You may need proper evidence to either add or remove your name in that case.  Are you going to utilize the results to change your child’s name on their birth certificate? Will you be asking for any kind of financial benefits, such as child support? Will you be seeking child custody, social security or military benefits? Then you need paternity test results that will be accepted as legal evidence. These test results not only clear you of doubts but also help you get the aid that you, your child and your family need.

Everyone’s situation and circumstance is a bit different. Either way, it is safe to say that the process can be no fun at all. For that reason, it is important to find a partner that will make the process go as simple and stress-free as possible. Whether you need legally admissible results or you just want peace of mind, ANY LAB TEST NOW®  is here to help you through this emotional time. We will guide you towards the right test for your particular situation in order for you to be able to take the necessary next steps. Best of all, you can get your results in an average of only 3 business days.

For additional information visit or call your local ANY LAB TEST NOW® today! Don’t let a questionable paternity interfere with your relationships and daily life. The Truth is Waiting.