Make Sure You’re Prepared If You Want To Avoid Headache & Hassle



It’s been nearly two years since COVID-19 first made headlines, and with the stay-at-home orders and lockdowns, many people turned to each other for entertainment. Whether it’s boredom or intentional family planning, there’s a lot of baby announcements popping up on social media feeds everywhere. While that’s the positive side to people getting busy, on the flip side, there’s a grim epidemic currently plaguing the nation. Sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise as fewer people are getting tested and treated.

The numbers are staggering. A recent 2021 study from the CDC states that the rate of STDs has hit a record high for the sixth consecutive year. More than 2.5 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were reported in 2019. This year, the city with the highest STD rate was Jackson, Mississippi, knocking last year’s titleholder, Baltimore, Maryland, to second place. Sexually transmitted diseases can have devastating effects. Now is a good time to stop the profusion of STD cases and make our sexual health a priority.

What better way to love yourself and your partner than making sure you’re in the best possible health to be intimate? It’s the ultimate self-care. There are many STDs to be aware of and protect yourself against. At Any Lab Test Now®, we offer a Comprehensive STD Panel that tests for all major STDs at the same time for one low price. It’s all completely confidential. 

This includes:

STDs often have symptoms that mirror other diseases, making them hard to diagnose. Sometimes they have no symptoms at all. Even if you have no visible symptoms, you still have an STD; and without treatment, it can lead to several complications, some life-threatening. This increases the importance to check this test off your New Year’s to-do list as soon as possible. This way, you can focus on quality time with your partner(s) without fear of what you could be spreading without even knowing it. 

It’s unfortunate that many of the side effects of sexually transmitted diseases are not felt until later in life. It is estimated that chlamydia is one of the leading causes of infertility, with at least 20,000 women experiencing this tragedy each year. However, if caught early on, chlamydia can be easily treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics can also treat gonorrhea and syphilis, but if left untreated, these STDs put people, including newborns, at risk for chronic pain, severe life outcomes, and HIV. 

Since you can’t rely on symptoms to be a sure sign you have an STD, routine testing is vital to maintaining your sexual health and peace of mind. Once you get tested, if it’s negative, you’re encouraged to practice safer sex by doing any of the following to reduce your risk of contracting an STD in your future:

  • Use condoms
  • Communicate with your partner about their sexual history
  • Vaccinations (HPV vaccine is available and safe)

New Year, Better You!

Any Lab Test Now® provides transparent and inexpensive prices for customers who have no insurance, high deductible insurance, or simply want to monitor their health proactively. Any Lab Test Now® is committed to helping you prioritize your health this year. We encourage you to maintain your New Year’s resolutions. There are enough scary germs circulating around as you go about your daily life, don’t let STDs also be one that affects you. For the new year, have your sexual health take precedence as you make your way to a better you.

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