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5 Panel Drug Test Plus ETOH (Ethyl) Alcohol (Urine)

This Urine Drug Test (5‐Panel) will determine the presence or absence of 5 types of drugs or their metabolites in your urine.   This test is a laboratory-based test and includes a screen and a confirmation if necessary.

The EtOH Urine Alcohol Test will detect ingestion of ethanol within the past 12-36 hours. EtOH is the acronym for ethyl alcohol, commonly referred to as ethanol and is the alcohol currently in your system.  It is the substance in all alcoholic beverages such as beer. This test is an under the influence test.  The specimen will be screened, and if necessary will be tested by GC/MS.

Test Details

  1. Amphetamine/Methamphetamines
  2. Marijuana
  3. Cocaine
  4. Opiates
  5. Phencyclidine

+ EtOH

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Is a doctor's order required?

No. You do not need to provide a doctor’s order to get lab testing done at Any Lab Test Now.

When will I get my test results?

Test results are generally available within 48 – 72 hours after your specimen is collected.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No. You can walk in for same day testing. We make it easy for you by offering work-friendly hours.

If I have questions about my tests results who should I contact?

We recommend you share your results with your physician.