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Where can I find more information about sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs)?

For additional information about specific STDs, visit the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and

Even though I do not have symptoms and use a condom, should I still have an STD test?

Yes. Even if you use condoms, there is a chance of getting STDs, such as herpes. This is because some STDs can affect other areas of the genitals besides where the condom covers.

What does “non-reactive” mean?

“Non-reactive” means that no antibodies or infection can be detected so your result is negative.

Is it possible to get a false negative on an STD Test?

Even though you have tested negative, you may still need to be tested again in the future. Depending on the STD, antibodies or infections have a window of time that they may not show up in your blood or urine sample. If you suspect exposure and have a negative test, it is recommended you be retested in 6 weeks. If you are leading a lifestyle that will put you in possible transmission contact with infected people, it’s suggested that you be tested routinely.

Why do I have to pick up my HIV test results?

Our policies are based on State and Federal regulations, and these require all HIV test results to be given in person.

Why can’t I get my STD test results over the telephone?

Due to the sensitive nature of STD testing, we require that all STD test results be picked up in person to ensure your privacy is protected. If an HIV test is also performed, State and Federal regulations require these results only to be given in person.

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