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    Paternity Tests and Other DNA Tests

    The question of paternity is stressful on all family members.  Are you ready for the answer?  The Truth is Waiting.  Paternity and other DNA family relationship tests are available at ANY LAB TEST NOW. Dealing with questionable paternity is emotional.  Whether you are an alleged father, mother, child or grandparent, these emotions range from anger…

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    Where can you get a DNA test for immigration purposes? ANY LAB TEST NOW® – Your Local Immigration DNA Testing Expert. ANY LAB TEST NOW® is your local resource for legally-admissible DNA testing results when required for immigration.  All DNA tests are performed by our DNA testing laboratory partner, accredited by the American Association of…

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    Where can you get forensic DNA testing services?  At your local ANY LAB TEST NOW. Forensic DNA testing may be the most appropriate testing method if the specimens that will be tested are unusual; contain a very small amount of biological material; or may be degraded due to contamination, poor storage or age.  Whether…

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    Tracing Your Family Tree? Ancestry DNA Lineage Testing May Be Just For You   Where did your ancestors come from? Records provide strong pieces of evidence and the internet makes it even easier to accumulate this information. Your DNA is passed down generation-after-generation. Did you know that only males have a Y chromosome, which means…