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Clarissa Windham-Bradstock

Chief Executive Officer:

Hello, and thank you for visiting our website.

It has been my pleasure to watch ANY LAB TEST NOW® become the first direct-access lab testing service in the country. We have grown into a successful franchise with over 160 locations in the United States, and it’s truly an honor to be a part of such a special company. I believe that Any Lab Test Now’s continued success is a testament to our talented franchisees, Medical Assistants and staff members who work hard to properly administer thousands of lab tests.

Our main goal is to help people like you Take Control of Your Health®. Time and time again, we have heard customers voice the concern that getting a lab test will result in a surprise bill in the mail – one that’s significantly more expensive than expected. That’s not the case here. I truly believe that ANY LAB TEST NOW® solves that problem with our wide selection of lab tests and upfront, affordable prices. It’s important that people have the opportunity to manage their health AND their wallet, and our solution makes that possible.

All of us at ANY LAB TEST NOW® are genuinely passionate about empowering men and women to take control and manage their health effectively. I’ve spoken with frustrated customers who had been unable to receive the lab tests they needed due to a variety of circumstances. When they learn about us, they are relieved and trust us to deliver their results in a timely manner. It’s such a special feeling to know that we are able to provide a much-needed solution for so many consumers.

Thank you again for your interest in ANY LAB TEST NOW®. My hope is that you feel empowered to Take Control of Your Health® and that you think of us when it’s time for a lab test.



Clarissa Bradstock, CEO of ANY LAB TEST NOW®