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At Any Lab Test Now, we spend a lot of time talking about how we help you “take control of your health.” But for the health professionals at your local Any Lab Test Now, it’s not just talk, it’s more of a mission. That’s because the idea of taking control of your health can mean many things… and each one of them important.

Taking control of your actions.

Think about all of the decisions you make every day that can affect your health. “Shall I have this delicious looking hamburger that I really want for lunch, or should I eat the healthy salad that I packed this morning?” How about: To exercise or not? That is the question. And who hasn’t been here? “I know I should go to bed but this show is sooo good! Just one more episode,” said just about everybody at least some time in their life.

When you make a decision that directly affects your health, you are indeed taking control of your health. Good health isn’t generally something that just happens to you… it’s something that is earned daily, sometimes hourly, and that’s not always an easy thing. You need as many people on your side as you possibly can. That’s where Any Lab Test Now comes in.

Every time you’re faced with a decision between an apple or a slice of apple pie…every time you choose between steamed broccoli and macaroni and cheese, Any Lab Test Now can be there to help. We are there with the kind of affirmation and validation that only a certified lab test can provide. Consider how seeing cholesterol levels steadily improve can help you say NO to the apple pie and YES to the apple. Think about how our Basic Nutritional Panel can help make you accountable to that salad you packed for lunch and strong enough to ignore that hamburger singing its siren song!

Taking control of chronic conditions.

When you’re diagnosed with a chronic condition (like diabetes or a thyroid disorder) you can be left feeling a wide range of emotions. Helplessness, vulnerability, and anxiety are not uncommon. How do you beat back these feelings that can threaten to overwhelm you? By taking control of your health! Becoming an active participant in your own treatment and care can be key to your future good health. Monitoring your hormone levels with our Thyroid Panel can assure you that your treatment is working for you. Diabetes can be another life-changing diagnosis that can leave you feeling frightened and unsure of your future. Any Lab Test Now offers a diabetes monitoring Hemoglobin A1C test. It can help assure you that you’re on top of your treatment and that your disease is under control.

Taking control of your health with help on your side.

When we talk about taking control of your health, what we’re really talking about is helping you help yourself! Maybe you’re looking for some accountability. Maybe it’s that confirming your treatment is working provides the calm that will help you along your unique health journey. Whatever it is, Any Lab Test Now can help because when you’re in control you’re going to feel happier and healthier!