Terms of Sale

I understand that all sales are final.

I understand that my credit card will be charged when I submit the transaction.

I understand that I am ordering the test for myself.

I certify that I am over the age of 18.

I certify that I reside in the United States.

I understand that test results reported by ANY LAB TEST NOW® will be reported directly to me. I further understand that it is my responsibility to consult my own medical doctor for interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and explanation of my test results. I understand that neither ANY LAB TEST NOW® nor its ordering physician will analyze, evaluate, critique or otherwise interpret the results of said tests. I agree that ANY LAB TEST NOW®, its officers, shareholders, directors, employed physicians, or its other agent or employee shall not be liable for any claims including, but not limited to, any claim arising out of or related to errors in the collection process, inaccurate, uninterrupted, misinterpreted or results not received and do hereby expressly forever release and discharge all claims, demands, injuries, damage, actions or causes of action.

I understand that the lab test I have chosen to receive is not a substitute for a comprehensive examination by my health care provider and should not be used to diagnose or predict an illness.  I assume complete and full responsibility to take appropriate action with regard to my test results.  I agree that I will seek medical advice, care and treatment from my attending physician or usual health care professional if I have questions or concerns about my test results or signs or symptoms of an illness.

I certify that I will not seek to be reimbursed by Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare or any other government insurer/payer. I agree that I am personally financially responsible for payment of fees for all tests ordered and collected by ANY LAB TEST NOW® at my request.

I understand that the laboratory tests performed at ANY LAB TEST NOW® are done at my request. I further understand that a physician employee of ANY LAB TEST NOW® who is licensed under state law to order such testing will do so. I also understand that ANY LAB TEST NOW® is a collection facility and that the actual testing will be performed by a third-party laboratory, certified to perform such testing on the specimens collected by ANY LAB TEST NOW®. I understand and agree that ANY LAB TEST NOW® will report the results of the testing directly to me, my physician, or any health professional I request. I consent and authorize that such disclosure may be made by fax, by mail or by direct pick-up. I understand and agree that the services provided by ANY LAB TEST NOW® and the test results from the lab will be maintained as confidential, protected health information by ANY LAB TEST NOW® as required by federal and state law.

I understand and accept that ANY LAB TEST NOW®, the ordering physician and the third-party laboratory may be compelled by state or local statute to report abnormal blood and urine laboratory results to the local health department. For example, in most states the laboratory and physician are required by law to report most positive STD tests and abnormal lead levels to the local health department.

I understand that the test results may become part of my medical record. I also understand that an insurance company may discover the results of this testing by obtaining a copy of my medical record in accordance with the terms of my insurance policy(ies). I hereby consent to the release of my laboratory test results by ANY LAB TEST NOW® to me in the manner I have chosen below and my physician or any other healthcare provider I designate. I understand that my test results will only be provided to other third parties upon my express consent.

I understand services are paid for at the time that services are performed. No refunds or chargebacks will be accepted.

I understand that if I have purchased a Home Kit, that Home Collection Kits ordered before 3 p.m. will be shipped the same day.  Home Collection Kits ordered after 3 p.m. or over the weekend will be shipped the following business day. Shipping method is USPS First Class mail.

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