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Zoonotic and Other Lab Testing Services for Veterinary Practices

As a Veterinary Professional, you work with healthy and not-so-healthy pets every day. Exposure to fleas, lice, and ticks is not uncommon, and these pests carry diseases that can be transmitted to both animals and humans. Then there is the added responsibility of employee risk and safety associated with everyday exposure to animals.

ANY LAB TEST NOW® is your health and workplace safety lab testing partner. We provide lab testing services for zoonotic and vector-borne infectious diseases, as well as employee drug and alcohol testing.

ANY LAB TEST NOW is the expert in direct access lab testing, providing services to businesses and consumers since 1992. Our lab tests are affordable, fitting into your healthcare or business budget. Best of all, you know the prices upfront – no surprise bills in a few months!
• We’re open work-friendly hours, including Saturdays at most locations.
• We provide the physician’s order, or accept your doctor’s order.
• We’re local and convenient – near your practice or where you live, work and shop.
• We generally get you in and out in 15 minutes or less!
• We offer thousands of lab tests that align with your Drug-free Workplace and Workplace Safety Programs.

Zoonotic and Vector-Borne Disease Lab Tests

Have you been suffering from a chronic illness? Are your symptoms not improving? Have you been tested for more common ailments with no diagnosis yet? ANY LAB TEST NOW offers a variety of lab tests, specifically designed for people who work and play with animals.  These include:

Bartonella Testing

PCR Tick Panel

Testing for individual diseases is also available – just ask our Medical Assistant

Comprehensive Bartonella Plus Tick Panel (ePCR, Tick Panel and IFA)

Rabies Titer

Staphylococcus (Staph) Differential Panel


Drug-free Workplace Testing

5 Panel Rapid Drug Screen (Urine)

10 Panel Rapid Drug Screen (Urine)

10 Panel Lab-Based Drug Test

5 Panel Hair Follicle Drug Test

Background Screen


We offer a wide variety of drug and alcohol tests in addition to this menu.  Call us today for assistance and to schedule your appointment.



“Over the past 3 years, I have struggled with getting my hormones balanced.  As a result, I have had to have blood work run as often as every week at Any Lab Test Now.  Everyone there has always been so kind and helpful, even on days when I walk in on the verge of tears.  I have to specifically commend Laura on how prompt, professional and compassionate she has always been.  I would recommend Any Lab Test Now to anyone who needs blood work done!”

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