How does ANY LAB TEST NOW protect my privacy?

Customer privacy is extremely important to ANY LAB TEST NOW. All personnel are trained on HIPAA regulations and compliance, and follow these critical guidelines.

Customers have the option of ordering a test anonymously when it is appropriate, and to choose which method to receive their lab test results (U.S. Mail, Fax, Pick Up). If a customer chooses to test anonymously, they will be required to provide a birth date and show a sales receipt for verification prior to receiving test results. Lab test results will not be distributed to any other party without formal written consent that authorizes us to provide test results to other individuals or your physician.

Because ANY LAB TEST NOW® does not accept insurance, your results are not provided to your physician without your written consent, or a formal written doctor’s order for the lab tests. ANY LAB TEST NOW does not submit your lab tests results to your personal medical record. However, you may provide the results to your physician if desired and at your discretion.