Expand Your Portfolio With An Essential Wellness Business

ANY LAB TEST NOW Can Boost Diversification of Business Ownership Holdings

When it comes to business ownership, entrepreneurs and career transitioning executives aren’t the only parties interested in the franchising model. Franchising has also caught the eye and attention of savvy investors, who know a good opportunity when they see one. For this audience, franchising makes sense, especially as a means to diversify business holdings and ownership portfolios. They see it as an advantageous strategy to build additional wealth, while also balancing out and diversifying their existing assets. It’s a smart money move that can expand their business ownership holdings, but also acts as a hedge against any underperforming assets – in essence, a figurative safety net.

How might this target market of savvy, enterprise-level investors view the ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise opportunity? Well, if they’re paying attention to the current potential of the wellness industry, pretty favorably. Let review why our marketplace has become a happy hunting ground for business ownership and revenue-generating capabilities.

The Rise of Retail Healthcare in the U.S.

Retail healthcare – the on-demand, consumer-driven delivery of products, services, and information is on the rise. As it turns out, a great deal of healthcare shoppers prefer the empowerment that comes from making their own decisions based on price, quality, speed, and especially convenience. By the end of 2022, thanks in large part to healthcare consumerism, industry experts believe the U.S. retail health care industry to top $99 million in worth.

Benefits of Direct Access Lab Testing

Due to widespread innovation, technology, and other advancements in healthcare and treatment options, people are living longer, healthier lives. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), this is a global phenomenon, driven by our rapidly improving physical and social environments. At home, the public is much more informed and engaged in their own healthcare decisions, but at the same time, insurance premiums and deductibles are on the rise. But ANY LAB TEST NOW offers a better alternative – affordable, up-front pricing where customers can use their Flexible Spending or Health Savings Account (FHA, HSA) to remit payment.

No Medical Background Required

Franchise ownership with ANY LAB TEST NOW doesn’t require a background or any experience in the healthcare or medical industry. Rather, ownership is open to entrepreneurs with a sales growth mindset, community leaders with managerial experience, and especially individuals who recognize the potential of owning a health and wellness business of their own.

For enterprise-level owners with a diverse business ownership portfolio, now could be an advantageous time to expand their holdings while adding a new revenue stream. In addition to being a sound and advisable strategy for diversifying one’s asset holdings, franchise ownership with ANY LAB TEST NOW also comes with the backing of our corporate brand. We partner with franchisees to provide comprehensive training and ongoing support – whether owner-operated or run in a semi-absentee manner. 

If you’re looking for an addition to your business ownership portfolio, we invite you to discover the award-winning ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise opportunity. With 200+ locations coast to coast, we’ve earned recognition for franchisee satisfaction, our commitment to women-owned business opportunities, profitability, recession resiliency, culture, and a ranking as the No. 1 retail lab testing franchise in the marketplace. Yes, franchising can play a viable role in the expansion of a business ownership portfolio. Because the diversification of business holdings and assets will always be a winning strategy. And, as our No. 1 ranked status demonstrates, we’re a brand that certainly knows a thing or two about winning.

Let’s Chat About It!

If you’d like to find out more, begin with the understanding that ANY LAB TEST NOW is an essential business opportunity. With a business model focused on the customer experience, our brand is leading the market for retail-based lab testing with over 200+ U.S. locations. If you think franchise ownership is right for you and you’d like to partner with the nation’s No. 1 retail lab testing franchise, reach out to the ANY LAB TEST NOW franchise development team for an in-depth review of our business model. Simply fill out this brief form and a representative will be in touch shortly.