Amish Values Fuel Sales at Pennsylvania Retail Lab Testing Location

Allison Kapalka’s optimism, knowledge and perspective has allowed her Any Lab Test Now location in Lititz, Pennsylvania, to flourish in the heart of the Amish community.


While working as a franchise broker for Choice Biz Solutions, Kapalka made the decision to test out her entrepreneurial skills in 2008 and open an Any Lab Test Now unit in Lititz, Pennsylvania. “While I was working as an outside sales representative for Any Lab Test Now, I sold myself on the concept,” Kapalka said. “I love the retail lab-testing concept. I’ve had issues getting physicians to agree on tests I need. If I was having difficulty getting adequate healthcare, I knew other people must have similar problems.”


Amish Traditions and Values Boost Sales

Any Lab Test Now allows customers to take charge of their health, appealing to the numerous members of the Amish in the Lancaster County area. The Amish immigrated to Lancaster County in the early 1700s to escape persecution in Europe. The close-knit, conservative Christian religion focuses on family, work and humility, reflected in their plain clothes and prohibition of personal photography. Most Amish communities believe it is important to avoid influences from the modern world and are reluctant to adopt a variety of conveniences, including electricity and cars.


The Amish are particularly concerned about living a healthy lifestyle, including consuming less salt and eating primarily homegrown foods. Tobacco and alcohol consumption are low and most Amish community members practice natural healing methods, relying on medical doctors only when serious ailments arise. The Amish also lack health insurance, which makes the cost of visiting a doctor prohibitive.


“Members of the Amish community know it’s a lot less expensive to prevent an illness than to treat someone who is sick,” Kapalka said. “They employ a lot of treatment techniques outside of mainstream medicine, including chiropractors and naturopaths. It’s normal for the Amish to reserve pharmaceuticals for more serious situations, rather than just to treat a cold or diabetes.”


When Kapalka opened her doors in 2008, the Amish community represented 75 percent of her Any Lab Test Now location’s customers. High-deductible insurance is forcing more Americans to educate themselves on healthy lifestyle options and pick and choose the tests they receive to cut costs. Outside of general lab tests, the Lititz unit’s top tests are for Lyme disease, nutrient testing and allergy testing.


Most of Kapalka’s Amish clientele learn about her storefront via word of mouth. However, she has had articles from satisfied customers written about her business in a local newspaper published by the Amish community. “The newspaper is kind of like their version of Facebook. Members of the community can write articles telling people about helpful services.”


One of Kapalka’s customers from the Amish community turned to Any Lab Test Now to find answers to ongoing muscle aches, pain and memory issues. Neighbors referred him to Any Lab Test Now for its superior reputation, after his first test for Lyme disease came back negative. Kapalka ordered a new Lyme disease test for this customer and his results came back positive. She referred him to a local Lyme disease specialist where he received the help he needed.


Another customer from the Amish community came in complaining of hair loss. She wanted to get her zinc levels tested to see if this was the source of the problem. Kapalka’s team was able to educate her on Any Lab Test Now’s test offerings. She opted to take the Cellular Nutritional Health test, which measures your body’s ability to absorb 32 vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other essential nutrients. Her results indicated she had 12 nutrient deficiencies and Kapalka recommended she visit a local doctor to receive care.


Employee Knowledge and Workplace Satisfaction Enables Sales Growth

One of the keys to the success of her Any Lab Test Now unit is her employees. Kapalka’s two-person staff is highly informed about the storefront’s inventory of tests. Her team can advise customers who are coming in for one specific test on other options that may be useful to add to their lineup. “Any Lab Test Now doesn’t give medical advice, but being knowledgeable about our inventory and being able to discuss test options with customers is a great tool for generating repeat business,” Kapalka said.


Kapalka credits treating her employees well with their long tenure at her location. One of her loyal staff is preparing to retire, and Kapalka is beginning the difficult search for a new team member. “The initial hiring pool was disappointing. There are a lot of young people who have a hard time being trainable,” Kapalka said.


Amish Lifestyle Helps Kapalka’s Family Succeed

When her daughter, Mia, was diagnosed with autism, Kapalka decided she needed to make some changes on the homefront. She made the decision to homeschool her daughter and implement a nutrient-dense diet to help her family conquer the diagnosis. Healthful living and natural remedies always sparked Kapalka’s interest. At one point she was a vegan and practiced bodybuilding with her husband, Jim Reiff. Her daughter’s diagnosis prompted Kapalka to conduct extensive research to find a diet that suited her family’s needs. The Amish farmers in Lancaster County made the family’s transition to a nutrient-dense, organic, diet easy. Relying on simple, all-natural foods from her Amish neighbors has helped improve her family’s health.


Bolstered by the impact nutrition had on the health of her family prompted Kapalka to pursue her passion by getting certified as a health coach, and she is working to become a licensed naturopath. “Seeing Mia’s health improve tremendously from dietary changes encouraged me and inspired me to pursue integrative health.”


Learn more about a business model that encourages customers to take charge of their health. Visit Any Lab Test Now for more information today.