How ANY LAB TEST NOW Provides a Young Father with Flexibility and Financial Independence

Alex Lamkin is a young entrepreneur and father of five who figured out before the age of 30 that it is possible to find a career that offers financial independence and flexibility. He  discovered a solid financial future, with a schedule that allows him to spend time with his children, as a franchisee for Any Lab Test Now, a retail lab testing company that offers its customers direct access to thousands of tests.


Lamkin was introduced to Any Lab Test Now’s unique concept by Bill Loe, the owner of APPS Paramedical of Minnesota, where he worked as a life insurance physical examiner. When Loe opened his Any Lab Test Now storefront in Plymouth, Minnesota, he relied on Lamkin’s outgoing personality, energy and skill every step of the way. Lamkin started working at Loe’s Any Lab Test Now location as a phlebotomist and office manager, eventually moving to sales and operations.


During his early years with Any Lab Test Now, Lamkin was able to learn the business from the ground up,and appreciate the value of entrepreneurship.  At the same time as Lamkin was building his career under Loe, the young phlebotomist was growing his own family on the home front. When Loe was ready to retire in 2014, Lamkin was not yet 30 years old. He had two young children and his wife, Melissa, was expecting twins. Despite the hurdles of owning and operating a business with a young family, Lamkin understood the value of the Any Lab Test Now concept. The couple made the decision to come up with the financing to take over Loe’s location.


“When I signed on to take over the business it was more than just about me. I knew a lot was relying on me to be successful. It was not easy. Initially, I would eat, work, feed the babies and sleep,” Lamkin said. “I was able to rely on Any Lab Test Now for support, and my wife and I were confident the initial investment would pay out in the long term.” 


Lamkin is working hard to give customers the power to answer critical medical questions. “Any Lab Test Now offers a unique business model with a retail storefront that puts an emphasis on customer service,” Lamkin said. “I like being able to help customers take control of their own health.”


Lamkin’s Minnesota storefront is generating impressive sales results in the rapidly expanding healthcare market. His storefront is projected to earn $500,000 in systemwide revenue this year. Since taking over the business, Lamkin has increased sales by $50,000 each year and has been able to take time to appreciate his success. “A lot of companies sell tests online, but customers are forced to go to a third-party site to get blood drawn. Any Lab Test Now is a one-stop-shop. We put a face on the business — having a brick and mortar storefront is invaluable.”

Lamkin credits his attention to customer service for his location’s achievements. When he trains new employees, Lamkin stresses the importance of learning customer names and treating them with respect. “It’s essential to remember we are providing a retail health care service, which is a different mindset than most clinical settings. At Any Lab Test Now, the customer is always right,” Lamkin said.

Having a flexible schedule is essential for this father of five. Lamkin met his wife during college and the couple married in 2007. “It’s nice to be home as often as possible to help my wife. Flexible hours keep our family running. I don’t know how we would manage it if I had to work a rigid 9 to 5 schedule,” he added.


Despite a full family life and successful storefront, Lamkin is negotiating a lease for a second Any Lab Test Now location in the Minneapolis area. Startup costs for an Any Lab Test Now location range from $133,600 to $214,600 for the total investment, the company revealed.


“Any Lab Test Now credits the success of its brand to its franchisees who provide high-quality customer service to consumers and businesses throughout the country,” said Clarissa Bradstock, CEO of Any Lab Test Now. “Alex Lamkin’s dedication to his customers and his growth mindset are the qualities we strive to see in all of our franchisees.”


The entrepreneur picked the location for his new unit in a busy shopping plaza, based on foot traffic and nearby businesses. “The new location will be a draw for health-conscious consumers,” says Lamkin. “High-deductible health insurance plans are forcing patients to take control of their health. Any Lab Test Now offers our customers upfront prices and tests without prescriptions. People realize they need to shop around to get the most out of their money.”


When Lamkin is not building his career in the retail lab-testing business or enjoying time with his family, he fuels his soul by heading outdoors. Spending time outside fishing for northern pike or muskie helps him focus and refreshes his passion for customer service. “I always wanted to own my own business, I just didn’t think I’d do it before I was 30,” Lamkin added.


Learn more about finding a fulfilling career in the rapidly expanding healthcare market. Visit Any Lab Test Now to find out more information today.