Glory Gallucci Honored As A “Franchise Business Review” 2019 Franchisee Rockstar

Glory Gallucci owns the Durham, Raleigh and soon-to-open Cary, NC ANY LAB TEST NOW® store locations, and was recently named one of Franchise Business Review’s 2019 Franchisee Rockstars.  FBR looked at over 300 franchise brands and thousands of nominations before announcing the honorees.

Glory Gallucci is the Any Lab Test Now franchise owner for store locations in Raleigh, Durham and Cary, NC.

Glory was awarded her first franchise location in June, 2008 for the Durham store location.  In 2014, she opened her second location in Raleigh and is opening her third store in Cary in 2019.  If you want to know one reason Glory deserves this honor, just look at her stores’ Google Reviews – 84 Google Reviews for Raleigh with an average of 4.9 stars, and 63 reviews for Durham with an average of 4.8.  The comments tell you that Glory hires well, then trains and empowers her employees; she knows it is all about providing an exceptional customer experience.

Glory is also a good neighbor to other franchise owners.  She works with other franchisees  instead of treating them like competition, and moves to problem-solving mode when needed, even when something does not go as planned with a corporate-driven initiative.  The home office respects Glory’s input.  She is open and willing to help other owners during their small business development journey.  Let’s give Glory a well-deserved hand, and read her interview here.