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Designer Stimulants Drug Test Panel

This Designer Stimulants Panel includes 21 compounds that are often synthesized for illicit use and can go undetected in a common drug test. Abuse of designer stimulants continues to be a problem in the US as they are easy to obtain and often produced with legal ingredients. This test includes seven newer generation compounds that have recently be found in bath salts. Also included are 14 potentially dangerous drugs such as Ecstasy and Khat.

Test Details

This Designer Stimulants Panel will test for 21 different compounds that are classified as designer drugs. Designer Stimulants may be known as Bath Salts, Zombie or Zombie drug, synthetic drugs, cathinone, White Lightning, Ivory Wave, Vanilla Sky, Cloud 9, Meph, MCat, Fake Cocaine, khat, khat leaves, Arabian tea, Eve, Ecstasy, Eden or Legal X, among others.

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