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Colorectal Cancer Screening (Blood) Test

Colorectal Cancer (CRC), which includes both Rectal and Colon Cancer, is currently recognized as the third most common cancer diagnosis in the US, with rates of diagnosis increasing in younger populations (younger than 50 years of age) ever since the mid-1990s.  The risk for getting this, or any, type of cancer can vary due to many different factors like age, race, gender, family history, personal history, etc.; however, the early identification of that risk is essential to ensuring an early diagnosis, and thus earlier and usually easier treatments when necessary.

Screening for CRC has previously only been performed through invasive procedures like a colonoscopy, which can be a complicated and expensive procedure for some.  Other studies have been developed to look for suspicious markers, or things to make your provider suspect the possibility of CRC; but these too have relied on stool (fecal) samples for testing.  Any Lab Test Now is able to offer a cutting-edge screening test for screening for the risk of CRC in any patient 45 years of age and older.  Three specific protein markers in the blood have been highly associated with the presence of CRC.  By looking for these markers, a simple blood test can now tell you of the possible presence or not for colorectal cancer.

While this test should not replace regular check-ups with your healthcare provider, and a colonoscopy might still be recommended or needed; this test can provide an additional step for early detection, without much more complicated or difficult testing.

All results should be provided to your physician for additional interpretation and follow-up.

This test is indicated for people 45-80 years of age, at average risk for colorectal cancer, and who are unable or unwilling to participate in other recommended colorectal cancer screening tests. This test is not intended for people with family or personal history of colorectal cancer or colorectal polyps. This test is also not intended for people who have an inflammatory disease, people who are pregnant or nursing, people who are receiving chemotherapy or radiation, and people who are less than 60 days post-surgical procedure.

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Test Details

This screening is specifically designed for those patients who are 45-years of age or older and of average risk (not high risk) for colorectal cancer; and who have been unwilling or unable to participate in recommended stool-sample based screening tests and/or more invasive colonoscopy procedures.  Screening in blood will look for 3 different substances in the blood.  The results are then combined into a clear, single result for the possibility of colorectal cancer being present.  All results should be reviewed and followed-up with your healthcare provider.

** The Colorectal Cancer Screen (Blood) offered by Any Lab Test Now is a BeScreened™-CRC test performed by Beacon Biomedical.

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Am I required to fast?

No, fasting is not required before being tested.

What kind of sample is required?

A blood sample is required for the test.

How long will it take to get my results?

Results are typically available within 10 business days after the lab receives your sample.

Is a doctor’s order required?

Any Lab Test Now can provide a physician’s order, if you are not able to provide one.

Do I need to make an appointment?

No, you are welcome to walk in for same-day testing. We make it easy for you by offering work-friendly hours.

If the results are positive, does that mean I have cancer?

A positive result can potentially indicate the presence of colorectal cancer (CRC) or advanced adenoma (pre-cancer).  It is recommended that further evaluation and studies take place, and that a follow-up colonoscopy be conducted, as indicated by your provider.

If the results are negative, does that mean I don’t have cancer?

A negative result indicates a lower likelihood that colorectal cancer (CRC) is present.  Even with a negative result, it is advisable to participate in a colorectal cancer screening program and do so at a recommended interval.

If I have a positive screen result, will my health insurance pay for a colonoscopy?

Different health insurance plans will have different policies regarding colorectal cancer screening coverage. Before someone gets a screening test, they should confirm with their insurance provider about what it might mean if they need a colonoscopy as a result of the test. They should also confirm how much (if anything) they may be required to pay for it.

Who is not a candidate for the Colorectal Cancer Screen (Blood) Test?
  • Customers must be between the ages of 45 – 80.
  • Customers cannot have a personal or family history of colorectal cancer or colorectal polyps.
  • Customers who are pregnant or nursing.
  • Persons undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer.
  • Persons who are less than 60 days post-surgical procedure.
  • Persons with a known inflammatory disease.

We recommend that you work closely with your healthcare provider to decide what type of colorectal cancer screening is right for you.

If I have questions about my results, who should I contact?

We always recommend you share your results with your healthcare provider, regardless of the outcome.  In case of a positive result on this test, a healthcare provider will reach out directly to provide basic guidance on potential next steps.