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Ancestry DNA Lineage Testing May Be Just For You


Where did your ancestors come from? Records provide strong pieces of evidence and the internet makes it even easier to accumulate this information. Your DNA is passed down generation-after-generation. Did you know that only males have a Y chromosome, which means men pass their Y chromosome down the paternal line, generation after generation. Females contribute their mitochondrial DNA to their children, both male and female. This is why you should consider Ancestry DNA Lineage Testing as part of your genealogy research.

DNA Lineage Testing options available at ANY LAB TEST NOW® include:

Y-STR (Y Chromosome) DNA Lineage Test: The paternal lineage test is based on the fact that the Y chromosome is passed down from father to child, relatively unchanged through several generations. Special sections on the Y chromosome, called Short Tandem Repeats (STRs), are examined to determine a person’s Y haplogroup, revealing the geographic origins of his ancestors as evidenced by common DNA markers. This test is only available to men.

Retail Price: $199.00

Mitochondrial (MtDNA) DNA Lineage Test: The mitochondria, a type of DNA, is passed down generation to generation from the mother to her children, and is relatively unchanged through several generations. MtDNA contains markers that can be traced to our early ancestors and where they settled thousands of years ago.

Retail Price: $199.00

Dual DNA Lineage Test for Men: Males can add evidence strength to their efforts to trace their ancestry pattern by getting both the Y-STR and MtDNA tests.

Retail Price: $399.00
Ancestry DNA Testing is a recreational DNA test that gives you a general regional analysis of your ancestry. This test does not give you specific countries of origin, percentages, or tell you if you are of Native American descent. It is a lot of fun though, especially if you are a genealogy buff!

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