Your case requires indisputable evidence.  That’s why your firm should rely on  ANY LAB TEST NOW® Portland OR as your single source community provider of DNA testing, drug and alcohol testing and forensic lab testing services.

ANY LAB TEST NOW provides a wide array of high-quality lab testing services.  One provider means one less headache  – we take care of your clients’ testing questions, collect the specimens, perform the tests and get you the test results quickly.  It’s easy to depend on ANY LAB TEST NOW.  Our medical assistants are certified specimen collectors, and our laboratory partners are accredited and/or certified by the agencies you know and trust.


  • Convenient, work-friendly hours, including Saturdays
  • No appointment necessary
  • No long wait – your clients are in and out in an average of 15 minutes
  • Located where you and your clients live, work,  and shop
  • One business partner that can fulfill all of your DNA testing, drug and alcohol testing, and other toxicology lab testing needs
  • Fast test results

Visit our specialized sections for

  • Family

    As a family lawyer, you handle a wide variety of cases that range from OR child support or child custody issues, to zero-tolerance orders for family members with a history of drug or alcohol abuse.  These types of cases can be emotional and tough to handle.  ANY LAB TEST NOW® Portland works through the emotions associated with…

  • Criminal

    Guilty or Not Guilty – the verdict may rely on the evidence you present, and it needs to be indisputable.  That’s why you should trust ANY LAB TEST NOW® Portland, a leader in DNA testing services, as well as drug and alcohol testing, including forensics.  ANY LAB TEST NOW Portland is right here, in your…

  • Personal Injury/Toxic Tort

    Your client has been injured or detrimentally affected by a product or incident, and has come to you for help.  Where can you get an air bag tested to determine the driver of the car?  Do you need to determine toxic exposure levels in your client due to product ingestion or their occupation?  Where can you…

  • Private Investigators and Legal Investigators

    You are in charge of investigating a very important case, and need indisputable evidence.  You have a client that suspects his or her significant other is cheating, or may have a drug problem.  That’s why your investigative firm should rely on ANY LAB TEST NOW®, your single source local lab testing partner. Evidence testing can turn…