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    Establishing Paternity is one of the most important decisions unmarried parents have to make. ANY LAB TEST NOW® is your community resource to help parents choose the right test to match their needs and most importantly, the needs of the child.

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    How are you managing your drugfree workplace program?  You need a simple solution to manage your pre-employment drug testing, random testing program, reasonable suspicion, post-incident and back-to-work drug and alcohol testing.  It is easier for you, your business, your candidates and employees if that one resource can also help you with heavy metals and other…

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    Are your members or personal training clients focused on losing weight? Training for a race? Monitoring hormone levels due to supplement use or intensive bodybuilding?  What are your goals as a fitness center or personal trainer?  Helping you meet your customers’ individual challenges while retaining them as clients is key.  ANY LAB TEST NOW® Brookings SD is…

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    Your case requires indisputable evidence.  That’s why your firm should rely on  ANY LAB TEST NOW® Brookings SD as your single source community provider of DNA testing, drug and alcohol testing and forensic lab testing services. ANY LAB TEST NOW provides a wide array of high-quality lab testing services.  One provider means one less headache …

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    The number of people carrying high-deductible insurance and health savings accounts (HSAs) is growing due to changes associated with the Affordable Care Act.  When faced with a budget and limited time, these individuals often only see a physician when absolutely necessary.  When it comes to lab testing, another expense, patients either delay getting their lab tests or…

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    Global Healthcare, also known as medical tourism, is continuing to grow as healthcare costs rise.  Obtaining medical care overseas is still a tough decision to make for many U.S. patients.  They want to be able to afford certain medical services that may be out of their budget domestically; however, they may hesitate because they do…

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    “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela And we want to do our part.  From supporting healthcare-related higher education by providing required lab testing services for students, to keeping parents and schools aware of teen drug use trends, we’re here to help our communities across…