Hey Dads! Are you giving the mother of your child financial support? If you answered yes, you should keep reading.

Tax season is right around the corner and one thing some men might overlook is the legality of claiming their children as dependents. If your name isn’t listed on the birth certificate you need to take some precautionary steps to protect yourself from this type of issue. If you are not legally listed as the father of your child, you cannot claim an exemption on your tax return.

Both parents cannot claim a child; it has to be one or the other. Some mother’s might believe that if the father supplies financial support, he can file an exemption too, but that is not the case.  Finding out this information when you go to file your taxes might be a surprise, but by taking precautionary steps in advance, you can avoid the situation. In most instances fathers have to prove that they are the paternal father, which is where we can help with our paternity tests.

At ANY LAB TEST NOW® we offer two types of paternity tests, but for this situation, you’ll need the legally admissible paternity test. Test results with proper chain-of-custody can be used as evidence for circumstances where you may:

  • Seek military benefits for the child
  • Seek child custody or custodial/visitation rights
  • Be asked to place a child up for adoption
  • Add or remove your name from the birth certificate

Give us a call today if you have any questions about our paternity tests or would like to schedule an appointment. You can also check out our Paternity eBook for more information.