Every day, every hour, every minute, your body is performing a delicate balancing act. Levels of nutrients, water, hormones, it doesn’t take much for one imbalance to throw the whole thing off. That’s the case with the hormone cortisol.

Cortisol is commonly referred to as the stress hormone because it’s the hormone produced by the adrenal glands and is best known for helping with your body’s “fight or flight” instinct. But it’s responsible for so much more than that — everything from blood pressure to blood sugar is affected by cortisol, which is why it’s so important that you keep this hormone in balance. Any Lab Test Now can help you take control of your hormone health with a wide range of tests that can provide you with information vital to your daily wellbeing. Since it touches so many body functions, the Saliva Cortisol Test is a good place to start if you are showing symptoms of an imbalance

Stressed-Out Symptoms!

When it comes to cortisol levels, they naturally rise and fall throughout the day, usually associated with your sleep pattern. Basically, you would find your highest levels in the morning when you are waking up… and the lowest levels dropping off after midnight when you are sleeping. Signs that you may have a cortisol imbalance are pretty common symptoms of other things as well, making diagnosis difficult, but basically here are symptoms you might experience:

Too Much Cortisol

*Obesity *Excessive thirst *Excessive urination *Muscle weakness *High blood pressure *Increased blood sugar *Headaches *Backaches *Depression

Too Little Cortisol

*Fatigue *Muscle weakness *Dark patches on the skin *Hypoglycemia *Diarrhea *Constipation *Vomiting *Weight loss

If you are experiencing unusual, unexplained symptoms, then the Saliva Cortisol Test may provide information that will help you and your doctor diagnose your condition.

Cortisol Related Conditions

There’s still a lot of research being conducted on how cortisol imbalances affect our bodies. Obviously being in a constant state of stress will increase your cortisol production and lead to a cascade of health problems including heart disease, sleep problems, obesity, and depression.

Cushing syndrome is a condition that occurs when your body begins to make too much cortisol. It’s a condition associated with obesity and diabetes. On the flipside, Addison’s disease occurs when your body isn’t making enough cortisol. It is often characterized by skin changes, weight loss, low blood pressure, and fatigue. Researchers are also beginning to connect high cortisol levels with memory loss which makes it all the more important to know where you stand.

Get the Low-Down on Your Levels

Any Lab Test Now makes it easy for you to know your levels. The Saliva Cortisol Test is, as the name implies, a simple saliva test. You will have to fast at least twelve hours prior to collecting your specimen. You don’t need a doctor’s orders to take any test at Any Lab Test Now, putting you in control of your own health. You don’t even need an appointment! Just walk in to your closest Any Lab Test Now location. You’ll be greeted by a professional staff member who can help you make the most informed choice for your health.