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Helping Americans Make Health a High Priority

Enduring the daily grind at the office, sitting in traffic during your commute, running errands and shuttling kids to sporting events leave many Americans with very little time to spare. It’s no wonder lengthy doctor’s appointments move to the bottom of our crowded to-do lists.

Despite our busy schedules, staying healthy is important to us. Any Lab Test Now puts medical care into the hands of consumers and helps make health care a priority by offering hassle-free lab testing without a lengthy doctor’s appointment. Each retail location offers direct access to clinical lab tests, DNA tests, as well as drug and alcohol testing services.

“Americans are being more proactive about their health,” said Clarissa Windham-Bradstock, CEO of Any Lab Test Now. “They’re looking for things like allergy testing, food sensitivity testing, hormone testing — so that they can focus on wellness as opposed to coming to us when they are already sick.”

Convenience is key for busy consumers. Many Americans rely on grocery delivery services, stream blockbuster movies on our televisions and wear a bracelet to track our physical activity. Mobile phones give us easy access to a wealth of information with just a few clicks. Online retailers allow us to shop from the comfort of our sofas with delivery of our purchases in record time. Any Lab Test Now pioneered the direct access lab testing movement to meet consumer demands for convenience to help us keep up with our non-stop culture. It was the first retail lab-tester to offer franchises, and now has locations throughout the country.

High costs, lack of insurance and time constraints remain some of the biggest barriers to health care. Any Lab Test Now  locations tackle all three of these issues head-on by offering patients a convenient service at the right price.

Retail lab testing saves time

Health care does not need to be a casualty of our busy lifestyle. Any Lab Test Now empowers consumers to take control of their health on their own terms and schedules. No appointments are required. Patients can walk in and get the tests they need to manage their health without a doctor’s visit. If you need to check your cholesterol or want to make sure your type 2 diabetes is under control, Any Lab Test Now offers a lab test to help you manage your health. And the news gets better — the average visit   takes only 15 minutes. Most Americans spend longer sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office!

Cut health care costs

Not only does a visit to one of the more than 170 locations nationwide save patients time — it’s affordable. The rise in high-deductible insurance plans is giving patients sticker shock. Many patients are less likely to get preventative blood work done or book an appointment at a doctor’s office when they know they will have to pay a big bill out of pocket.

Consumers turn to Any Lab Test Now because it is typically less expensive than going to a doctor’s lab. There are no hidden fees or insurance documentation required. Cutting out the need for insurance helps the company keep costs low for consumers. Even better, Any Lab Test Now lists all of its prices up front. The price of every test is posted at

Need results fast?

There’s no waiting for a busy doctor’s office to call with the results of your test. Most test results are available within 24–72 business hours after your visit. Patients can pick up their test results at their convenience. Test results can also be mailed or faxed to their home.

Trusted results

Any Lab Test Now delivers results you can trust by partnering with high-quality labs to perform its testing services. In 2018, the company’s commitment to excellence was honored with a Franchise 500 Award from Entrepreneur magazine.

Any Lab Test Now provides the convenience customers deserve, coupled with the ability to manage their health care on their own terms. Save time, cut costs and get results fast by visiting your local Any Lab Test Now .