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Get Me Off This Hormone Rollercoaster!

As I’ve gotten closer to that (cough, cough) “middle age,” I’ve noticed that there are days and weeks when I am all out of whack.  I wake up more irritable than I normally do, find myself crying at the smallest thing, then can be blissfully happy, acting like a school girl again.  There are nights when I wake up with my pajamas soaking wet and my body shivering cold, then I force my husband to wear his thermals in the middle of summer.  The air conditioner must be on 65 degrees!  Hubby tip-toes around me lightly, not knowing what kind of mood I might be in.

So, at my next regular check-up, I decide to face my reality – I might be entering menopause.  I discuss this with my doctor, Ms. Happy-and-Bright-Cheerleader-Who-Is-Not-Even-CloseTo-“That-Time”, and tell her I want her to check my hormones to see if what I suspect is correct.   A week later, I get the call I am expecting, with an unexpected answer, “You are just fine, and everything’s normal.”

No!  Everything is not normal!  At this point, I am beginning to feel like a hypochondriac, but there is no way wringing out my bed clothes is normal.    I tolerate the never-ending rollercoaster a few more months and decide to try again.  Surely the reality is showing up in my blood now.  But nope – still “normal.”

Then, I find out about saliva hormone testing.  The beauty of this test is:

  • I no longer have to bug my doctor, who already thinks I’m crazy
  • I can do it myself in the privacy of my own home
  • It measures my hormone levels throughout the day, even when I am craziest, instead of at the time of the blood draw
  • I am ready to take it when I feel it is most appropriate, because it is a kit I collect at home

Watch out world – I’m in control of my health now.  How about you?

Saliva hormone tests are now available at certain ANY LAB TEST NOW locations.  $10.00 off this month in celebration of Women’s Health Month.  Woo-hoo!