The ABC’s of Diabetes

If you are a diabetic, knowing your Diabetes ABC’s is one of the most important steps you can take in managing your health and lower your chances of having other diabetic problems like a heart attack or stroke.

A is for the A1C Test.

This blood test measures your average blood sugar level over the past three months. If continuous high blood sugar is not monitored, you can be at risk of damaging your blood vessels, kidneys, feet, eyes and heart. For most diabetics, their A1C goal is below 7.

B is for Blood Pressure.

Your blood pressure is the level of force your blood uses to push against the walls of your arteries. Each time your heart beats, blood is pumped into your blood vessels. The higher the blood pressure, the harder your heart is working. This scenario can also cause heart attacks, strokes and severe damage to your kidneys and eyes. The blood pressure goal for most diabetics is below 140/90.

C is for Cholesterol.

LDL and HDL are the two kinds of cholesterol in your blood. LDL is known as the “bad” cholesterol because of it’s ability to build up and clog your blood vessels which can lead to a heart attack or stroke. HDL is known as the “good” cholesterol because it helps remove your HDL. Goals for cholesterol numbers vary among all diabetics.

Take control of your diabetes by learning what your A1C, blood pressure and cholesterol numbers are now. Visit an Any Lab Test Now ® nearest you to get started. Our trained medical professionals will administer the tests you need and provide you with clear, quality results for you and your doctor to review. Based on your diabetic history and your current lab tested numbers, your doctor will then be able to determine what ABC goals are reachable for you.

Diabetes. Are You at Risk?

It’s rare for someone to seek medical advice on a health condition unless they are noticing relative symptoms, right? For example, a person who thinks they may have the flu will schedule a time to see their doctor only after they’ve been experiencing ailments like a runny nose or frequent coughing.

The difference with diabetes is that there are no immediate outwardly physical symptoms like a high fever or runny nose to help you know that you could be at risk. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that 27.8% of people with diabetes are currently undiagnosed. That’s 8.1 million people. Living a life with diabetes and being unaware of it is extremely dangerous and the longer it takes to get diagnosed, the greater chance you have of developing other serious health problems.

Through educating yourself on the disease and taking precautionary measures, you can help prevent yourself from becoming a part of the 8.1 million. Here are a few factors that could help you determine if you’re at risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

You could be at risk if…

  • 45 years of age or older

  • Overweight

  • Have a parent with diabetes

  • Family background is African-American, Hispanic/Latino, American-Indian, Asian-American, or Pacific-Islander

  • Had diabetes while pregnant (gestational diabetes) or gave birth to a baby weighing 9 lbs. or more

  • Physically active less than three times a week.

If you think you may be at risk of diabetes, let Any Lab Test Now ®  help you. Our Diabetes Maintenance Panel consists of four thorough, effective tests that will provide clear and quality results for you and your physician.

Diabetes. What Does it Mean to You?

Did you know that right now, there are nearly 30 million children and adults in the United States alone that suffer from diabetes? Another 36 million Americans have prediabetes and are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Odds are most of us probably know at least one diabetic, but unless you are a diabetic yourself, you may not know just exactly what being a diabetic fully means.

A person is diagnosed with diabetes when their blood glucose (blood sugar) level is too high. It sounds like a simple definition and one you would think could be easily cured.  However, this disease is extremely serious and is a major cause of other life-threatening health issues like nerve damage, kidney failure, gum disease, loss of eyesight, heart disease and stroke.

It is important to examine your health and learn if you are at risk for developing diabetes. For those who have already been diagnosed, it is imperative that you educate yourself on ways to manage your diabetes and lower your risk for other potential health issues. That is why this November, Any Lab Test Now® will be showing our support of National Diabetes Month by using our blogs and in-store promotions to raise awareness on diabetes, the seriousness of the disease, how to help prevent a future diagnosis and how to manage it if already diagnosed.

For more information on National Diabetes Month, visit the American Diabetes Association and National Diabetes Education Program. Throughout November, stay up-to-date with our diabetes awareness blogs by visiting our Any Lab Test Now ® blog site.

How Can You Prolong Your Life? Know Your Blood

It’s simple. Each of us desire to live long, happy lives. The question is how can we guarantee it? Although the answer’s not simple, it does not require us to spend endless hours searching for the fountain of youth. Rather, take one blood testTake a few.

Did you know that your blood contains secrets about your health that could potentially add years to your life? Even better, maybe even save your life? Picture your blood being a strand of clues. With just one drop of your blood under a microscope, your physician (a.k.a. the detective) can use those clues to pinpoint the exact steps you can take into prolonging your life.

For example, a rise in your blood sugar could signify potential diabetes, increased risk of heart disease and stroke. A drop in your blood levels could indicate future hyperthyroidism. These are all examples of “silent warning signals” that are hidden in your blood. The advantage you have is clear. Be proactive. Get to know your blood. The sooner you can understand what your blood represents, the sooner you and your physician can develop a strategic, preventive health plan to prevent your future diagnosis from becoming a reality.

Life Extension Magazine reported 10 important blood tests that adults over 40 should get annually in order to get a true gage on what their lifespan currently looks like and what measures could be taken to extend it.  Below is a list of those exact tests.

1. Chemistry Panel & Complete Blood Count

2. Fibrinogen

3. Hemoglobin A1C


5. Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) (Men Only)

6. Homocysteine

7. C-Reactive Protein

8. Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

9. Testosterone (Free)

10. Estradiol

Take charge of your current and future health in the most simplest way.  Any Lab Test Now offers an array of blood tests including the ones listed above.  Schedule an appointment with us today and let us begin to help you live the long and healthy life you desire.


Alert! Curious about Diabetes?

Nearly 6 million people are affected by diabetes and don’t even know it. If left undetected, it can be a silent killer. Your chances of heart attack, strokes, kidney problems or infections increase due to diabetes.

American Diabetes Association Alert Day® takes place on the fourth Tuesday of every March and is dedicated to bringing awareness and to encourage the public to take an online Diabetes Risk Test to determine their risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Tips and suggestions are provided after the test tailored to your results. Today, March 25th, is this years Alert Day so encourage your friends and family members to get involved!

This past Diabetes Awareness Month, we shared some alarming statistics on the disease. For a deeper look into your health, take our Diabetes Maintenance Panel specific for diabetics and for those who are curious if they might have diabetes. Remember, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. Take Control of Your Health® this Alert Day.

Who Else Wants to Know About Diabetes?

It’s November, so it’s Diabetes Awareness Month!

Diabetes has a real effect on daily life for those who have it and most people don’t understand how much of an impact it really has. According to the American Diabetes Association diabetes causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.  That’s mind-blowing and heart breaking. Becoming aware of what this disease entails is the first step in understanding what you can do to help. Check out some other myths & facts like this one that the ADA has compiled to educate you and your family about how diabetes seems, and how it really is here.

As of 2013, $245 billion is spent on diagnosed diabetes in the United States. $176 billion is spent for direct medical costs and $69 billion in reduced productivity. That’s A LOT of money! ANY LAB TEST NOW® can help trim those costs down by offering an alternative to expensive doctor’s visits for monitoring diabetes. Our Diabetes Maintenance Panel will help you and your physician monitor your glucose levels and/or adjust your diabetic medications accordingly. Glucose (Serum), Hemoglobin A1c, Microalbumin, and Lipid Panel tests are some of the ways we can help you. Take Control of Your Health® and visit an ANY LAB TEST NOW® near you!

November 14th is National Diabetes Awareness Day.

Challenge: Take some time to sit with your family on that day (over a healthy meal, perhaps) and talk diabetes.

Raising Awareness for Health Centers During Health Center Week

Have you ever noticed that when you get sick you always feel the need to find out what’s wrong? Who wants to go another day with a tummy ache, a sore throat or the dreaded sinus headache and congestion? Believe it or not that’s one of the many benefits provided by health centers. You might start asking yourself… “But I don’t have insurance, so how can I get service?” The good news is you have options at your disposal that will empower you to Take Control of Your Health® whether you have high deductible insurance, a Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account, or if you are uninsured.

A great example of available options is ANY LAB TEST NOW®. Though ANY LAB TEST NOW® does not treat or diagnose, it does empower its customers to be proactive about managing their health by providing direct access to blood tests, DNA tests, drug and alcohol testing as well as other lab testing services.  After you get your lab test results, you can quickly call a physician with our AmeriDoc telemedicine services program.  The doctor is just a phone call a way, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can treat many non-emergent care issues by phone, video call, or chat.

According the National Association of Community Health Centers, there are around 44 million people in the U.S. that are currently uninsured with another 56 million with high deductible insurance. This often makes health take a back seat to cost, which stresses the importance of price transparency. Can you take more good news? ANY LAB TEST NOW®’s affordable, transparent prices fit into a person’s healthcare budget, providing a solution that continues to support overall health and wellness. Don’t let your health take a back seat, without it we are nothing.

During the week of August 11 – 17 the nation celebrates Health Center Week. Why not take the time during this week to stop by a health center near you, check in on your health and thank them for helping to empower you and your loved ones to Take Control of Your Health®?

To learn more about ANY LAB TEST NOW®’s lab testing options stop by an ANY LAB TEST NOW® near you or visit

Have a Heart to Heart with Yourself

Have you ever received that phone call letting you know that a loved one or a dear friend has suffered a heart attack or stroke? The reality is that 1 in 3 women lose their lives to heart disease every year, making it the number 1 killer of women.  Why not change those odds and fight the good fight against heart disease?

To fight against heart disease, first you must be able to distinguish between facts and myths. One of the major myths surrounding heart disease is that you are only at risk if you have family history of heart disease. Though family history plays an instrumental role into your risk factor, poor eating habits, inactivity, obesity, diabetes, smoking, high cholesterol and high blood pressure also put you at risk of developing heart disease.  Have a heart to heart with yourself and your loved ones. Create a buddy system to check in on your heart and hold each other accountable for doing the right things for your heart.

Check your cholesterol levels often. If you have diabetes make sure it is under control. Make the decision to lead a healthier lifestyle by developing healthy eating habits, adding activity to your day even if it means taking the stairs instead of the elevator and find a method that works for you in order to keep your stress level low to help maintain your blood pressure at a normal range.

Diabetes & the Holidays

It has been reported that diabetes affects 25.8 million people in the US alone. Out of these, 18.8 million people are diagnosed and 7 million go on undiagnosed.  As diabetes awareness month comes to a close and the holiday season kicks off, living with diabetes can be a little tougher than usual. With such a high number of people with diabetes everything that comes with the holiday season besides family time can become a form of temptation for a diabetic.

During the holidays we love going for round 2 of that amazing turkey with the stuffing and all the goodies around the table. We also love to indulge in that glass of wine for the holiday toast.  Sometimes there are multiple toasts, and some stay true to the saying ‘it’s rude if you don’t drink after a toast!’. When you have diabetes, indulging in these events can cause serious consequences to your health.  So what are you to do this holiday season with all these temptations all around you?

In terms of indulging in that glass of wine or champagne for your New Year’s toast, studies have shown that it is okay if you indulge in that one glass for your toast. However, more than one can seriously increase your blood sugar levels lasting up to 24 hours. As for your trip to the delicious goodies table, there are two myths attached to the diabetes diet. The first myth is that you have to give up your favorite holiday foods. Studies have shown that if you simply modify the way in which the meal is prepared and reduce the serving size, your diabetes will not get out of control. Nevertheless, Round 2 of those mouth-watering pies, cakes, frosting-covered cookies and figgy pudding is not advisable. The second myth is that you absolutely have to give up desserts, again not true! Portion control and choosing healthier desserts such as fresh fruit and yogurt can help you give in to your sweet tooth without affecting your blood sugar levels.

Living with diabetes is all about monitoring your levels. ANY LAB TEST NOW® can be the monitoring partner you need. Our Diabetes Maintenance Panel will help you and your physician monitor your glucose levels and/or adjust your diabetic medications accordingly. This holiday season Take Control of Your Health® and visit an ANY LAB TEST NOW® near you.

Smoking + Quitting = Healthier Lifestyle

We all have guilty pleasures that we enjoy. Many times we give in to these pleasures because it relaxes us and makes us feel better. But sometimes the same guilty pleasures that we enjoy become hazardous to our health. Smoking is a vice that not only affects your health but it also affects the health of those around you.

It has been reported that tobacco use is the largest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the United States. According to the CDC not only does smoking cause heart and lung disease, stroke as well as cancer; but it also shortens the smoker’s life on average by 13 to 14 years. Making the choice to quit is never easy, but sometimes quitting doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

You must be wondering when should I quit smoking? How do I even start? You can start by listing your reasons to quit, putting your health at the top of your list. Choose your quitting date, make a plan, cut back on usage and monitor your progress. Having a support system of course always helps. Recruit a family member or a trusted friend to become your quit coach.

ANY LAB TEST NOW® can be part of the support system you need. Establish a baseline as your starting point with a nicotine/cotinine test that will help you check the levels of nicotine/cotinine in your system and can help you monitor your progress during the various stages of the quitting process. Start living a healthier lifestyle by knowing what is going on inside your body.

Visit an ANY LAB TEST NOW® near you for more information on how we can help you Take Control of Your Health®.