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5 Reasons You Might Need a Paternity Test

Thanks to salacious television talk shows, the phrase “Who’s your daddy?” has become something of a joke. But for many people, determining paternity is a serious matter. While many people get a paternity test mainly for peace of mind, there are several other reasons why someone might seek out a DNA test.

Here are five reasons that might cause you to require a paternity test.

Custody Reasons

Paternity tests play an important part in child custody cases, especially when the father wants to obtain the right to see the child. This usually happens when the mother believes the man is not the father of her child and she does not want to allow him to have visitation with the child.

If you recall, model Anna Nicole Smith was forced to submit to a DNA test by a former boyfriend, Larry Birkhead, to determine the paternity of her daughter even though she registered another man’s name as the child’s father on the birth certificate. The daughter turned out to be Birkhead’s child. He was ultimately granted full custody of the child due to Smith’s sudden death in 2007.

Child Support

A U.S. Census report estimates that just 43.5 percent of custodial parents get the full amount of support they’re entitled to. And more than 30 percent don’t receive anything at all. In many cases, it is because the male denies he is the biological father of the child or children that are to be supported.

A paternity test can hold these fathers accountable for the financial well-being of their children. It can also be used to help men avoid paying child support for children that turn out NOT to be their biological offspring.

Inheritance Rights

After someone dies and it is time to settle the estate, a paternity test can help determine the true and legal heirs. DNA testing can be useful in estate disputes involving estranged family members, such as when a wealthy individual dies without a will and an alleged child comes along to claim the inheritance. There have been many famous cases where the inheritance rights were in dispute, including soul singer James Brown, and even Elvis Presley, who was rumored to have fathered at least seven illegitimate children who required DNA testing to disprove their claims to his $250 million estate.

Benefits Rights

Like inheritance rights, sometimes heirs are entitled to other benefits such as social security or life insurance payouts. Occasionally, heirs will need to provide proof of paternity to be considered a legal beneficiary.

Citizenship Eligibility

When birth certificates or other forms of documentation are not available, DNA paternity testing can help prove a familial relationship in immigration cases. This is helpful when a child is born outside of the United States to an American citizen and a foreign national. If the child is proven to be related to the American, they would be eligible for citizenship.

Paternity Test Process

In many  of these cases, you will need DNA tests that will hold up in court. Home paternity tests are not admissible. Any Lab Test Now® offers several types of paternity tests, including one that is recognized in legal circles.

Testing is simple. A lab technician collects skin cell samples using a soft swab rubbed on the inside cheeks of the mouth to obtain DNA from the child and the alleged father. A sample from the mother is not required but can be useful. Test results are available within three to five business days.

Be at Ease

Any Lab Test Now wants you to be at ease when it comes to seeking out any type of lab work, including determining paternity.

We provide you a safe and clean alternative location for lab work. Each of our 190+ stores is sanitized several times a day, in accordance with the CDC’s protocols. Any Lab Test Now is a committed partner in helping you manage your family’s healthcare so you can make educated decisions that will directly affect your quality of life. We want to put you at ease during the coronavirus pandemic. We are here to help.

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Texas Mistaken Paternity Law’s Deadline Around the Corner

Having a child is one of the most rewarding things in life. Sadly cases of mistaken paternity, where an individual is forced to take emotional and financial responsibility of a child that is not biologically theirs arise every day. In May 2011 Section 161.005 of the Texas Family Code was amended to allow any man to challenge the paternity of his child with a court admissible DNA test, regardless of how long ago he found out the child was not biologically his or had signed an Acknowledgement of Paternity (AOP).  If test results find the man not to be the biological father of the child, the court must terminate that person’s parent child relationship as well as their child support order.

This law, however, came with a deadline of September 1st, 2012. This deadline fast approaches with only 5 days left for fathers in Texas that suspect mistaken paternity to get a court admissible DNA test. Once the deadline has passed every father that suspects mistaken paternity has a total of 12 months from the date of discovery to file their petition to terminate parental rights along with child support orders.

Mistaken paternity can be a stressful and complicated process for all involved. If there are doubts present, getting a court admissible DNA test is the best option to begin the process. ANY LAB TEST NOW® offers this test for men that find themselves in this predicament.

Entities like and local family attorneys can provide you with additional information and instructions for filing a Termination of Mistaken Paternity petition. For information and details about the court admissible DNA test or to find your nearest ANY LAB TEST NOW® Texas location visit