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Honoring and Giving Thanks to Essential Workers

Honoring and Giving Thanks to Essential Workers

In a time when it the safest way to protect your health is to stay at home, essential workers are waking up day after day, facing challenge after challenge while providing vital services in your community. These essential jobs range from police officers to grocery store clerks to medical assistants. They report to places like city hall, the corner gas station and facilities offering healthcare services like Any Lab Test Now.


Any Lab Test Now gives you direct access to thousands of lab tests, including routine lab work, which can be especially critical if you are running out of a medication and must get lab tests before a medical provider will refill your prescription. When you are interested in learning about how to get a test or what kind of test you might need, someone like Norma Brown will answer your call for help. She works as a client care consultant, one of many highly trained essential workers manning the telephones at Any Lab Test Now’s Client Care and Support Center!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Norma’s role has taken on new importance.

“Every day I am hearing from customers who need to get lab work fast, but they are worried about getting exposed to coronavirus if they go into a place where sick people might be waiting to see a medical provider,” Norma explains. “I assure them Any Lab Test Now does not provide testing for COVID-19 in our stores and we are following CDC guidelines to maintain a safe and clean environment. Before I schedule an appointment for any customer, I ask them a series of questions, including if they have a cough, fever, if they have been exposed to COVID-19 within 14 days, or if they had previously tested positive, but no longer have symptoms.”

Norma’s role is crucial, since she is essentially providing the first line of questioning to customers who might step through the door of one of more than 186 Any Lab Test Now locations across the nation. “It is such an honor to be considered essential during this uncertain time,” she says. “Working from home over Any Lab Test Now’s secure communication system allows me to safely provide a service to our customers who have general wellness and acute health-related testing needs during this pandemic.”

When you reach out to the Client Care and Support Center, Any Lab Test Now client care consultants can help you identify a 15-minute window that works best for your appointment with a certified medical assistant like Regina Jared. Regina works six days a week at Any Lab Test Now in League City, Texas. Part of her pandemic protocol is to only allow two customers at a time inside for testing. “They must maintain social distancing, stay six feet apart. Some customers even prefer to wait outside or sit in their car, just to be safe,” Regina says. “Safety is a constant focus while I am working at Any Lab Test Now. I always wear a mask, shield and gown, and between patients, I clean every countertop, even every door handle. Customers tell me they are grateful; they appreciate the extra steps we are taking.”

Working during the pandemic hits close to home for Regina. She lives with her two adult sons, including one who is also an essential worker. “My son works at a local hospital. We have a system set up in our garage. When we get home, we must change out of all work clothing, bag it up and put it in the washing machine, then immediately take a shower,” explains Regina. “I’ve been a medical assistant for 25 years, and I’ve never experienced anything like this. You cannot be too safe during a pandemic.”


Millions of healthcare workers have stepped up to the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic response and are the core of our nation’s essential workforce. Doctors, nurses, EMTs, lab technicians are living away from their families in order to care for the people of their communities. Lives would not be saved if they stopped working.

This is why Any Lab Test Now is honoring their unrelenting dedication. From Florida to Delaware, Phoenix to Seattle, Tulsa to Minneapolis, our franchisees, medical assistants and phlebotomists want them to know, “I’m essential because you’re essential.”

Any Lab Test Now gives you access to tests and test results that you can share with your medical provider at any time. We are happy to support all care providers during an unprecedented time when caring gives us all a purpose.