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Making the World Go Round: Family Caregivers

All of us at ANY LAB TEST NOW® want to send a special thank you to family caregivers, as November is National Family Caregivers Month. Won’t you join us?

 Imagine your world being rocked because your husband has suffered from a brain abscess that requires surgery and 2 months of rehab. His short-term memory and vision has been affected and he sometimes suffers from paralysis. You are home from the doctor and on your own with your 12-year-old son. What now?

Julia of Lemon Grove California, has taken on the role of a family caregiver for her sick husband. She does everything that the two had once done as a team. Her son offers as much help as a 12 year old can, but she is in control of her family’s well being. Read  more inspiring stories here.

There are millions of families, just like Julia’s, who function because someone has taken on the role of a family caregiver. The Caregiver Action Network (CAN) has deemed this year’s theme as, “Family Caregivers- Now More Than Ever!” They recognize the importance of family caregivers, now more than ever.

Challenge: Reach out to someone you know that is their family’s caregiver and see what you can do to help them this month!