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The Secrets Behind Black Market Breast Milk

Yep; You read that right… Black market breast milk is a thing.

Most parents who participate in selling their breast milk choose to pump, freeze and sell it online for a profit. Common outlets like Craigslist are used to coordinate sales. It’s no secret that breast milk is full of nutritional benefits, but only if used in a natural and correct way. Parents who choose this route could cause more harm than good to their child.

Investigative teams from local news channels partnered up with ANY LAB TEST NOW® in South Bend, IN and Winter Park, FL to see if harmful bacteria, drugs or etc. were found in the milk.

The most common finding from these investigations and lab tests was staphylococcus epidermidis- a type of staph that can cause infection, fever, headache and fatigue. Check out the articles by clicking on the locations to read about what else was found.

If you are unable to breastfeed, the safest, most nutritious option is to go through a milk bank. This milk has been pasteurized to kill bacteria and is provided by donors who have been screened. The pasteurization process removes some antibodies, but it’s through a trusted source and is a much safer, healthier route than buying it from Craigslist.