Thinking About January, And We Haven’t Even Made It Through The Holidays!

I’ve already caught myself already thinking ahead to the new year, about my resolutions.  It might be because I stuffed myself at Thanksgiving and every party I go to has tons of amazing food and of course, cocktails.  I jump on the scale and just watch the digital numbers bump up ever so slightly each time (knowing even a little jump every day will eventually add up…).

So, now I reason with myself that if I at least plan for January, I’ll be ready to take off any weight gained early in the game and take better care of me.  Right… is that the guilt factor speaking to me?

So, here’s my plan to make it through the holidays:

  • I went and got my B-12 Shot to increase my energy.  I’m now ready to juggle everything I need to do to get ready for the holidays AND still have the energy to exercise (that is, as long as I make the time).
  • I need to get my cholesterol and glucose checked so I have a baseline after the new year.  With all the butter, sugar and other good ‘ole down-home food my family slaps on the table, I can only imagine what my results might look like after the first of the year.  Knowing where I am now may help keep me in check…
  • I will jump on my elliptical trainer at least 5 times per week.  I will, I will, I will!
  • Salad will become my best friend when I am not attending a holiday function.

Then, after January 1, I am going to make a new year’s resolution that works, and knowing my health on the inside as well as seeing how I look on the outside is what’s going to drive me to continue past January 31, the normal “end” to those resolutions we set for ourselves.

What is your holiday plan to Take Control of Your Health™?