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2011 Franchisee of the Year and Best Start Franchise Awards

Congratulations to our 2011 Franchisee of the Year, co-owners Jeff Nugent and Syl Trepanier, Dallas, TX.  Check out our surprise award visit to learn why this team deserves to be recognized:

Jeff Nugent, Dallas, TX, 2011 Franchisee Of The Year

Then there are Quentin Caswell and Carl Smith, co-owners of ANY LAB TEST NOW, Joplin, MO, recognized as the 2011 Best Start Franchise.  We didn’t get to make a trip to Joplin; however, do want to to share why they were chosen.

Just a few weeks prior to their store opening, Joplin incurred severe devastation due to tornados that ripped their town apart.  Instead of letting this setback get the best of them, Quentin and Carl pushed even harder to get open and help their community.  Many of the local labs and physicians had been displaced, and they made every effort to reach out and be there to fill in the gaps for affordable lab testing.

Carl and Quentin, Joplin, MO, 2011 Best Start Franchise

Click here to learn more about these amazing ANY LAB TEST NOW franchisees.  Congratulations Jeff, Syl, Quentin and Carl!