Confusion over paternity can inspire huge interpersonal conflicts, and potentially be devastating for the people involved. Except in situations of surrogate motherhood, one can be relatively certain that a mother who gives birth to a child is that child’s actual genetic mother. But it can be a bit trickier for fathers, and this can lead to a lot of discord. Instead of allowing the issue to drag on, causing undue damage to family bonds, allow Any Lab Test Now to quickly resolve questions of paternity with our paternity testing.

Since society first acquired the technology to test for blood type in the early 1900s, it had many applications,  including paternity testing. This antiquated method could only exclude a potential father, and was unable to conclude that an individual was the father of a child. As technology became more advanced, additional characteristics of the blood began to be used to augment the effectiveness of a paternity test. But it was not until techniques for DNA sequencing and analysis were invented that people could determine paternity with 99.99% accuracy. Since then, the technology has only become more refined, and people are able to use it to determine familial relationships between generations from the smallest scraps of genetic material.

Today, most people use paternity tests when there is a question of parentage from one or both presumed parents. In court, paternity tests can be used to support claims of parental rights and requests for child support, as well as help to settle child custody cases. But many people are also using paternity tests to help them locate their birth parents after they’ve discovered that they were adopted earlier in life. Either way, a DNA sequencing and analysis test can give parents and children clarity, certainty and peace of mind.

Whether you need a court-admissible document, need testing for immigration purposes or you are simply curious about your lineage, Any Lab Test Now offers quick, walk-in DNA and paternity testing. With Any Lab Test Now, you can rest easy knowing you’ve taken the right paternity test for your needs, and that your confidential results will be shared with you in a timely manner. Don’t let questions of genetic relationships remain unanswered. Visit your local Any Lab Test Now to find out the truth!