It booms, it busts, it morphs. The retail landscape may be ever-shifting, but there is no denying the meteoric rise in retail healthcare. Healthcare and retail markets continue to overlap, as the big box stores and major healthcare groups and insurance carriers look for ways to join forces to catch up with consumers’ desire to take control of their health.

In his book, The Retail Healthcare Revolution, Tony Paquin refers to empowered consumers/patients as the creators of the largest movement in retail history!

As a direct access lab testing company, with walk-in availability and no doctors’ orders needed, Any Lab Test Now is part of the foundation of this movement. We have been providing customers with tools to take control of their health for more than 25 years. Driven by an expectation for convenience, value, and a great customer experience, Any Lab Test Now meets and exceeds customers’ needs by delivering what they want, when they want it.

Ease and access. Whether looking to stock up on paper towels or figure out why you are feeling lethargic and thirsty, people want the ability to get information and solve problems quickly and easily. At Any Lab Test Now that means not hassling with scheduling appointments and taking a half-day off work to see a doctor. It means walking into a lab without an appointment, getting in and out in about 15 minutes, and having the results delivered directly to you in a matter of days. Healthcare consumers do not want long waits or walks. Our small footprint stores are located near major thoroughfares and near other highly desired retailers, so getting a lab test can be an errand worked easily into your day. Ample and free parking outside lab storefronts is just one more way we set ourselves apart from the traditional medical experience — and big-box stores with big-box parking lots!

Retail-type experience. Gone are the days of walking into a doctor’s office and encountering a worker behind a sliding glass window who may or may not bother to look up at you. Or maybe you want a test that your doctor won’t order and your insurance refuses to pay for. Patients don’t need to settle for that anymore either. The shift to retail healthcare puts the emphasis on the customer and the customer experience, which is where our emphasis has always been. Our owners and employees take pride in creating an inviting atmosphere that doesn’t feel like a sterile medical facility. Our value proposition is clearly seen in our transparent pricing. Just as retail stores mark prices on their products, when you come into an Any Lab Test Now location all of the lab tests are clearly listed on the pricing menu. This retail-centric practice sets us apart from most of the healthcare industry in a way our customers truly appreciate.

Community-based. As a nationwide company with small stores with local owners, we are decidedly not big-box, big-pharma, or big-corporation. We are part of the communities we serve. That means we build relationships, not only with our customers and our physicians, but with local non-profits and in our local business communities. Whether we are participating in a local 5k or supporting a community initiative, our customers see us at local events. Being an active participant in the communities we serve is part of our brand, and it’s a business model that has always served us well, personally and financially.

So, when I hear that retail, consumer-driven healthcare is poised to become a trillion-dollar industry, I am proud of how Any Lab Test Now has helped pave the way. It validates our long-term growth strategy as we continue to give power to the people!