Does your list of “must do” tasks seem like a mountain on the verge of a landslide? For many women, there’s a laundry list (pun intended!) of things to accomplish that feels infinite… and it’s usually sandwiched between working and raising a family. Any Lab Test Now encourages you to take a look at your “must do” list and add one more item on to it. YES! You read that right. We not only want you to add one more item to your “must do” list, but we also want you to prioritize it at the top. That’s because Any Lab Test Now wants you to prioritize your health.


National Women’s Health Week is celebrated May 12–18 this year and it’s all about making sure you put as much energy into taking care of yourself as you do others. We encourage you, your mother, your sister, your grandmother and your friends to get together and take steps to improve your health and to let Any Lab Test Now be a partner in your journey toward a healthier you.

So how can Any Lab Test Now help women make their health a priority? Convenience tops the list! How often do you put off getting a much-needed test because you just haven’t found the time to make an appointment? Many women are reluctant to make that appointment because they worry it will include long wait times which could mean valuable time lost at work or make you late for a carpool pickup.

With Any Lab Test Now, you don’t even have to schedule an appointment (although you can if you wish). You can simply pop in when you’re near one of our more than 170 conveniently located labs across the country. Generally, we’ll have you in and out in 15 minutes! You won’t miss the first part of the ballet recital.


Our lab experts are always available to make sure you’re ordering the right test for your needs. A Comprehensive Female Panel is always a great place to start your journey toward better health. It’s designed to help women at all stages of life make informed decisions about their healthcare goals. It includes blood work (and cholesterol counts) that will provide you with a snapshot of your heart health. Heart disease is the number one killer of women in the United States. The panel also includes a metabolic panel that checks kidney and liver functions, female hormones, thyroid condition, and nutritional status. All around, a great annual panel that provides you with a wide range of information.

Some conditions affect women more than men. Take urinary tract infections (UTI) for example. How many times have you felt that distinctive burning sensation? Usually, it’s late on a Friday afternoon! Well, UTIs occur in women significantly more than in men, and we can thank our anatomy for that. You don’t have to suffer until you get in to see the doctor. Some of our locations offer convenient Saturday options. You can get a routine Urinalysis to share with your doctor so you can get to feeling better, faster!

And how many times a week do you grab a quick burger or pick up a to-go salad because you just didn’t have time to stop and sit down to a nutritious meal? A basic building block to a healthier you (man or woman!) is proper nutrition. If you’re so busy making lunches for everyone else that you neglect making one for yourself, it can lead to problems. A regular diet of quick and easy ramen noodles isn’t always best. A Basic Nutritional Panel will let you know if you’re getting enough of what you need to experience optimal health.

Making time for yourself doesn’t have to be another chore to add to the list. When you take care of your own health, you aren’t being selfish. You’ll feel better and more energized and be ready to tackle all of your “must do” list and maybe even more!