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It’s National Kidney Month! Have you ever had your kidneys tested? Here’s why you should.

Your kidneys are an important part of your body as they function as filters to remove waste and balance fluids. The National Kidney Foundation reports that more than 26 million Americans have kidney disease, and most don’t know it. This is why it’s so important to test your body for diseases because you could be suffering without any knowledge of what’s going on. If you’re suffering from back or abdominal pain, blood in your urine, painful or frequent urination you should consider getting a test.

A couple of tests to consider are either the kidney function panel or a urinalysis in order to evaluate the kidneys and tell how well they are functioning. Many physicians consider ordering these tests during routine visits or prior to any medical procedures, to better determine the health of your kidneys.

Don’t forget to Take Control of Your Health® this month and get your kidneys tested!