If you think about your body as a factory, then your hormones are the “upper middle-management.” Researchers often refer to hormones as chemical messengers. That’s because they basically are in the business of telling other hormones or organs what to do! There are many different hormones, and some of them play a bigger role in your health than others.

When everything is in proper balance, the factory is working like a dream — meaning your body is at optimal health. But even a small imbalance can create serious and sometimes life-altering issues. Hormones control most of your major bodily functions from the simple to the complex: everything from reproduction to your emotions. So when it comes to weight gain and obesity, it makes sense to consider your hormones as a possible culprit. Any Lab Test Now can help you understand the message your hormones are sending.


The Weight Management Take Home Hormone Kit consists of a dried blood spot test and a saliva test. It will provide you and your doctor with a lot of information by measuring your bioavailable hormone levels. Your results might explain weight gain, obesity, abdominal fat, low metabolism, and a high BMI (Body Mass Index).

The Weight Management Take Home Hormone Kit is actually nine tests in one.

  • Estradiol (E2) – this is basically a form of estrogen. It is found in both women and men. This hormone helps to regulate metabolism and body weight. Low levels of it may lead to weight gain.
  • Progesterone (Pg) – another hormone found in both men and women.
  • Testosterone (T) – also found in both men and women. This hormone has a role in helping with muscle growth and remember — muscles burn more calories than fat.
  • DHEAS (DS) – helps in evaluating your adrenal gland function.
  • Diurnal Cortisol (Cx4) – helps determine your level of cortisol, a steroid hormone released by your adrenal gland.
  • Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) – checks your body’s production of TSH, which helps regulate how your body uses energy.
  • Vitamin D (D2, D3) – low levels of this vitamin may lead to weight gain according to some studies.
  • Insulin (In) – this test measures your insulin production. Insulin is produced by the pancreas and used by the body to transport and convert glucose into usable energy.
  • Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) – checks your blood glucose levels and can detect pre-diabetes.

If you’ve been watching what you eat and getting plenty of exercise, but you’ve still got stubborn weight and fat (particularly in the abdomen) then you should really consider the Weight Management Take Home Hormone Kit. With the results, you’ll be able to identify specific hormonal imbalances that contribute to excess weight gain or obesity, which lead to a whole host of concerning health issues. That includes things like insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. With Any Lab Test Now’s  Weight Management Take Home Hormone Kit, you’ll have early detection of these markers that will allow you and your doctor to address the issues early.

Make sure your hormones are sending the right messages to your body! Any Lab Test Now can provide you with this simple kit that you can take in the privacy of your own home. You’ll get the answers you need to take control of your journey towards better health.